May Goals...

 Hey Blogland, 

So today's post is inspired by the Lovely Hayley from 'Water Painted Dreams' go check out her blog, I really enjoy it :). The idea of the post is that I post goals that I intend to try and do throughout May. At the moment I don't seem to have much focus or much direction so I'm hoping that by writing them down I'll maybe be a bit less all over the place and a bit more focused. 

  1.   Wake up before 9am Monday through to Saturday and before 10:30am on Sunday.

I know that this seems like a simple thing but except for waking up to take my pills and do my med change I don't seem to get up until about midday at the moment and then I seem to think that because most of the day has happened there's no point in really getting into anything. Stupid yes but it's the way my brain rationalises :)

   2.  Do my Uni essay at least 2 weeks before it is due (which is on the 27th).

This is because I leave my essays till a few days before and then I panic the night before it's due and it's all panic stations and it stresses me out and no matter how many essays I do it is always the same. I would just like to avoid that this month lol. 

    3.  Take 20-30 minutes out of each day just to give my room a tidy/clean.

I am fairly lazy. Or more the case I hate having to bend up and down picking up my pillows as it knackers me out and I just don't put things back where I get them from, so I end up with piles of DVD's all over the place and just stuff all over my desk and pillows on the floor. So I always end up having to spend about 2-3hours sorting it out  once a week, whereas if I just take about 20mins a day I should avoid having to do that. 

   4.  Lose 6 pounds.

There's really no explanation except the fact that I've been eating horribly for a few weeks and I need to lose 6 pounds before I'm back at Hammersmith/Papworth :-)

   5. Eat Breakfast.

I'm one of those people that really doesn't eat breakfast probably because I wake up at a stupid time of the day but if I'm going to be waking up earlier I need to eat breakfast. 

   6.  Read 3 books.

I'm not going to be over ambitious with how many books I read especially since I have quite an important essay due this month but I think 3 will be doable. 

   7.  DO NOT buy any new clothes or any stupid things you don't need!

I have a, not what I would consider horrible habit, but not a great habit of surfing the internet for things I do not need  and accidentally pressing the add to cart button which then leads to the pay button. It needs to stop!

   8.   Avoid the A&E.

Obvious reasons LOL

   9.   Write down happy things and put them in the box my nephew got me.

My nephew gave me a box which has the quote "When it rains look for Rainbows. When it's dark look for stars" and I want to start putting the little happy things that happen in the day that you usually forget about (as you can only ever really remember the bad things) and put them in this box so I can look back and remember the good things :)

 10. Get Transplant! 

Obviously this is a ultimate life goal not solely associated with May but May seems as good a time as any ;-)

Chat soon guys 


  1. Great goals! I hope you achieve each and every one :)

  2. Good luck with waking up early. I've just started study leave so the temptation is there just to snooze all day.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx


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