Mothers day...

My gift to my mumsey
Our collective gifts to our mumsey
Yummy Hot Chocolate, Meringues and swiss roll :) 
The sisters :)
Me and my mumsey 
Hospital fun times LOL 
Me and meg chilling on the bed :) 

Hey blogland, 

So we had a fairly good Mother's day I suppose. Me and my sisters took my mum to a garden place that my mum loves and we had breakfast, Megan had the biggest meringues on the planet which came in handy later on in the day lol. My sisters and I wanted to get my mum something she wanted so we took her to this garden place and told her to pick whatever she wanted and we would get it for her, but because I can't stand people waking up to nothing i also brought your standard chocolate, a mug she really wanted and a candle she wanted too which smells so yummy!

I haven't been feeling very well for a while now and I definitely did not feel at all well on Sunday and my line has been leaking quite a lot of puss from the line and that had been really worrying me for a few days but I was determined that my mum at least get the morning to celebrate mothers day. As we were going round though I just kept feeling worse and worse so we decided A&E was the best option. We got there and it was the standard bloods thing, they checked my haemoglobin first and that was fine so we knew it wasn't anything major so they took normal bloods and cultures. Everything came back fine on the normal ones so they are sure that it's just a surface infection and gave me some antibiotics which should hopefully clear it up and I'll ring tomorrow to make sure all the cultures they took come back okay too.

So annoyed with myself because I was determined to make it out of March with no visits to A&E, sadly it was not meant to be. Hey ho maybe I can get through April with no hick-ups?

Chat soon guys 

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  1. Aww! Looks like a lovely day was had by all!
    Good luck! Hopefully no trips to A&E this month x


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