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Hey my wonderful Blogland, 

So, Megan and I have returned from our little adventure in Oxford. We had a wonderful time! It was so great. I got to see old PH friends and new ones. It's a weird situation to be in though because all the people you meet you talk to a lot online and you're already friends with them, you just haven't met them yet so it's like seeing an old friend for the first time. Then I met people that I have never spoken to before and everyone was really, really lovely. 

We were meant to go to the PH talk which is pretty much the whole point of the weekend, which was on Saturday morning, but I felt awful for some reason, I think it's because I had a horrible nights sleep. You know you're in a unfamiliar place and I just kept waking up every hour in the night. So I got a 3 hour kip and I felt much better which meant I could enjoy the rest of the day. We did archery which Megan and I have done before but I'm pretty rubbish at anything that requires some form of hand eye co-ordination, but I didn't do too badly I even hit the centre at one point, only once but it still happened! :-D Other people did things like Clay pigeon shooting (laser version), Wine tasting, flower arranging. We were meant to do First aid but me and meg got distracted talking to people so didn't really bother going, whoops!

Someone I did meet was my old specialist nurse from Great Ormand Street who I haven't seen in about 5 years and she was only there for a short time but it was so amazing to catch up with her because she was a big part of my life for about 6/7 years and when you go up to the Hammersmith you just sort of get cut off from them and never see them again and I do miss Great Ormand Street so it was lovely to have a bit of a blast from the past. 

Then in the evening we had our Gala dinner. Meg and I were on a table with Aimee, Steve, Hollie, Darren, Laura, James and two other people who I cannot remember their names at all :-/ but they seemed really lovely too. It was a lovely group and I just love them we had lots of fun the entire weekend and I felt so comfortable with them which is a sure sign I like people. We were joined later by a really nice couple Gemma and Andy, and Gemma has only be diagnosed since January but I really hope we managed to make her feel a bit better about having PH and a little less alone because when you're first diagnosed with it you literally feel like the only person in the world and that's what's so great about the PH conference because you get to talk to people who are in the same boat, or similar and see what other types of PH are like. It's a really great experience and I totally recommend people doing things like it especially if you have something wrong with you or you know anything and you get the opportunity to do so. Even Megan enjoys herself and I literally had to drag her to the first conference we went to but she enjoys meeting people and having a good old natter now that she knows people are all there to do the same thing :-). 

Hopefully they are doing another one next year and I'll definitely be looking forward to going. Whether I'm transplanted or not I'll be going because even though I won't have PH anymore, you're kind of a life long member of the club and PH has been 12 nearly 13 years of my life so having a transplant isn't going to change that and I'll always be interested in how the medicine and the developments they make within the field of PH are going. I think it's a club that once you've joined you can't ever really leave, it's a permanently ingrained part of who you are :).  

This morning however me and Megan may have driven over a great big fat nail which meant we broke down in the middle of nowhere and us being who we are have no experience repairing or changing a tyre (not that we had a spare tyre lol) just ended up waiting in the middle of nowhere for the RAC guy to try and find us :D. A few people stopped to make sure we were alright which repairs my faith in humanity but we were just like "no we're alright, thanks though". One guy was like "you can wait in my car if you want" and I'm sure he was just being nice but too many horror, thriller movies have told me that is never a good idea, I refuse to be someone's murder victim LOL. 

Here are a few photos from the weekend, they aren't the best quality as I took them on my iPhone but I didn't want to lug my camera around  but they're still good :) I wish I had got more photos with all the people I met but I kept forgetting to get my phone out but I did get some, so bonus points for that :D. 

Hollie, Myself and Aimee
Darren, Hollie, Aimee and Steve :) 
The lovely James and Laura
James, Laura, myself, Darren, Hollie and Steve

Are table minus steve

Me, Megsy, The Lovely Karen and lovely Hayley
Hollie, Me, Gemma and Andy
Aimee and Meggy 
Me and Nicola :D 

Chat soon guys 

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  1. Hi Stacie
    It was good to meet you at the weekend. My name is Pam and I was talking to you outside the loo with Karen and Hayley but obviously left before the photo was taken ;-) Glad I found your blog I will keep a look out for how you are getting on and fingers crossed you won't have to wait too much longer. Sorry you missed the morning session on Saturday, it was very interesting and informative. I know what you mean about sleeping though, with a concentrator in the room and a strange bed, sleep was a luxury. Still, slept most of the way home and after an early night managed to sleep right around until the alarm went off this morning. Take care and hope you will be as well as you can be. Pam x PS Sorry - don't know how to change my account name to my own name !!


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