Once again...

Hey Blogland, 

I'm writing this now because after tomorrow I won't really have access to the internet. It seems that my surface infection isn't going away. The antibiotics I'm on don't seem to be getting rid of it they only seem to be keeping it at bay and the only reason it hasn't gone any further is because I'm being meticulous and  cleaning it and changing the bio patch every other day rather than the every week we're usually supposed to do that. 

So tomorrow I will be going to A&E where they will be putting me on IV's and giving me a few extra lines so they can remove my current line and then I will be ambulanced up to Hammersmith at some point to have a new one put in, hopefully this won't take too long One of my specialists said it should be done by Easter as it's only a surface infection but I think that might be a tad optimistic but hopefully I will be out in time that I can still go to my PH weekend :) *fingers crossed anyway*

I'm so annoyed at my body why can't it just behave for once?! At least I suppose this time it gives me a chance to pack and make sure I have all my drugs at the ready and pack some DVD's, Laptop etc.

Anyway I will try to update you guys but it's more likely to be through twitter and Facebook. 
Chat soon guys 

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