36 hours later...

Hey my beautiful blogland, 

So I am currently sporting a very fetching yellowy orange chest and neck that I can't clean for a few days and also look like some-one beat me up but I have officially managed to have my infected line removed and replaced with a brand spanking new one. I feel very sore and stiff but I am so pleased it's done. Luckily I managed to only spend 36 hours in hospital which is some sort of a miracle. 

I think it was probably the worst experience I've had having a line removed and replaced so far but that's just because I had both done at the same time but really they were very good and I'm pleased they did it at the same time because I kind of forget how painful I find local anaesthetic and if they had put the new one in and then taken the old one out a bit later on in the day, which is what they were planning on doing to begin with because it had to be done by different people, that would have given me too much time to think about the local anaesthetic and I would have been very anxious doing it again. The line going in was pretty straight forward and quite quick and the lady doing it was really lovely and even let me have a long line as I requested, the only bit that wasn't that great was them taking it out. It felt like they were digging a hole in my chest which was just a fabulous feeling and they were really rough because they were finding it really hard to get out but they got there in the end after a lot of swearing on my part I might add.

I have to say though it was really lovely this time around on the ward. The nurses I got were lovely and the ward itself just seemed better than the other ward I've been on in Hammersmith. I got to meet the new PH doctor that they have who's name I cannot remember but he seemed nice enough, he'll get used to me eventually. And I didn't have any annoying patients in the Bay that I was in it was mainly me and a woman named Bev who had just been diagnosed with PH and she was lovely enough and she asked me lots of questions about PH that she was curious about and I was happy to fill her in.  

While I was there though I got to meet a fellow Pher Sara and her mum and Sara also writes a blog here which is how I knew she was going to be there when I was there. It was so nice to have someone there who was a similar age to me. Normally I just meet fairly elderly people with PH while I'm in which is still nice but you know you tend to have a lot more in common with people the same age as you. Sara will be in for a while longer as she's being put on Flolan and having to learn how to mix it all and what not but it was lovely to meet after reading her blog for quite a while. We may see each other again as well because she is also waiting for a transplant at Papworth. 

So the next week or so is just going to be me relaxing and chilling out because I am quite sore at the moment and finding things a bit more exhausting than I normally would do but overall I'm just so happy it is all done. Now we just need my transplant to happen don't cha think? 

Chat soon guys 


  1. My new friend, I send u gentle healing hugs (( )))

  2. I am hoping that you get your transplant as soon as possible and that you have some time to relax this week and feel a bit better :)
    It's so nice to read your thoughts and feelings, thank you for sharing :) xx

  3. Hope you are feeling a bit better now and less sore....Massive hugs to you x

  4. Wow you are an incredible girl! Sending lots of love and light x x x


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