Bank Holiday Blow out....

               King of Skin-crown £5.50 | Square tin £2.95
May Day Ballistic £2.95 | Think Pink £2.50 | Butterball £2.50 each
Granny Takes a dip Ballistic £3.25 | The Comforter £4.50 | Creamy Candy Bubble Bar £2.60 
Avobath £3.25 | Fizzbanger Ballistic £3.25
Sakura Ballistic £3.25 | Dragons Egg Ballistic £3.25
Happy Bank Holiday guys. Or if you're from another country and have no idea what a bank holiday is then happy Monday to you. Today I decided to go to town and stock up on my Lush goodies because yesterday I went to go for a bath, went to get something out of my lush box and nothing, there was nothing left. Obviously distraught at this news I had to get more today. Luckily my dad is off this bank holiday so I got to spend a bit of time wandering round town with him and he obviously got to be my personal bag carrier. 

My Lush buys today include a lot of old favourites like the butterball. It's not the most exciting one but it makes my skin feel amazing and it's only £2.50. Then I also brought some new ones like May Day Ballistic which is only around for the month of May and is supposed to look like a badger. The King of Skin Crown which the lady in the shop actually demonstrated to me and this seems perfect for people like me who cannot be bothered with moisturising, she put some on my arm and I haven't stopped stroking it since it's feels lovely! The comforter one is my favourite smelling one of the bunch although they all smell pretty amazing but that one just smells extra specially nice it's got lots of lovely oils in as well so has definitely got my stamp of approval. I'm really looking forward to trying the Sakura Ballistic and Dragons egg ballistic as well because I think they might be deceiving and actually have lots of lovely colours when they go in the bath :D.  

Lush is the only shop that I can tolerate talking to the sales assistants in, normally I can't be dealing with the people who wait around waiting to pounce on someone to sell them something like in phone stores or places like Curry's. Maybe it has something to do with the fact I'm never just looking in Lush I always intend to buy so I don't mind the help but I do genuinely feel like the girls and guys in there want to help you find something that you're going to like and the new stuff they have in store. Maybe it's just the Swindon store I don't know but they're friendly in there and I like it :)  

Chat soon guys 


  1. I love avobath, it's my favourite! My dad refuses to go into Lush lol.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. Oh my! I need to get me a Lush haul right this minute! This all looks amazing! :)



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