Leggings Galore...

So guys, before I wrote my "May Goals" post where I said I didn't want to buy anymore 'unnecessary' things I had already ordered this wonderful array of leggings. So I haven't failed at all in regard to that 'May goal' as these had already been purchased. 

So currently I have been getting super bored with wearing just plain old black leggings. I am not some-one who really likes to wear jeans that much. I have to be really in the mood to wear them if that makes sense? I find them quite restrictive and honestly I think I look large in them. I'm more of a corduroy, legging, dress kind of person. I wear my corduroy's quite a lot (does anyone else think corduroy sounds like something meant for old people?) but my dresses aren't dresses I'm going to wear just lounging around the house, which is what I tend to do most nowadays, unless it's summer. So I wanted to find something else. 

So I went searching for leggings. When I buy leggings they have to be decent leggings, I cannot abide those people who wear leggings that are pretty much see through and you can see their underwear, or lack of underwear in some peoples cases. It is a massive pet peeve of mine. 

So firstly I brought a new black pair of leggings as some of my current ones are starting to wear a little and get thinner. They are 'Black pin tuck high waisted leggings' from River island and they were £25.00. I know that is a lot for a pair of leggings but it's not really in this case because they are really decent material not your standard legging material that is just going to stretch out in a few weeks. I brought  some similar leggings from H&M last year, that are unfortunately no longer for sale but my ones they are still going strong, they haven't been misshaped, they aren't see through and they are just lasting a really long time. I'm very much of the mind I would rather spend a bit more money on something once rather than a little bit of money on something 10 times.

Next we have 'Dark red denim-look high waisted leggings' from River island and they were £18.00. I was surprised at how much I like these leggings. The Red is really nice and easy to wear I found. Once again the material, although maybe not as great as the black leggings, is still really nice, thick and unlikely to stretch out quickly and unlikely to become see through. 

The next two pairs of leggings were a gamble for me. 'Blue tartan high waisted leggings' at £20.00 and 'Grey gingham high waisted leggings' at £20.00 both from River island. Why were these two a risk? Well I'm not exactly small and I wasn't sure whether I could pull them off. Now it remains to be seen whether other people think I can pull them off but I quite like them. The Blue tartan ones are more the material of the black leggings which makes them very hard wearing and they feel lovely, whereas the Grey gingham ones seem to be a much softer material which makes them much comfier to wear. You know if I could do yoga or something like that I would wear the grey gingham ones doing that ;-). Now I brought both of these a size larger than I normally buy leggings in. Why you may ask well I find with patterns if you buy them the size you normally buy them in the pattern stretches and distorts and then they just look really weird so by buying them a size bigger it just means that the patterns stays the way it should be and it probably will mean they last forever because you definitely aren't going to stretch them. (p.s don't worry they aren't baggy or anything, that would look terrible! lol.)  

As you can see 'high waisted' is a theme in this post. I love something that is high waisted, I hate my stomach and hips and normal leggings very much cut off around that sort of area and therefore dig in and emphasise a part of my body I would rather not be emphasised if you know what I mean. Having them high waisted just means that it slim lines those areas rather than just making them really obvious. The high waisted aspect of all these leggings also means they are extra comfortable to wear. 

I know I don't normally write about clothes but I really wanted to share with you my leggings because I'm sure there are other people who are also getting bored of just black leggings as I know I am and my sister is also so hopefully this will help her :).  

Chat soon guys 

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