I talk a lot about the people in my life, I know I do but I honestly don't think I appreciate them enough. I once told you of how I used to feel so very alone in all the madness that is my life and that I felt like I needed to do this alone. I haven't felt that way in quite some time. I very much feel part of something now. I have people in my life that genuinely worry about how I am and want to make me feel better when I'm not feeling so hot. I feel like I can talk more about that aspect of my life nowadays, it's like a door that opened quite suddenly and I'm so pleased it did because I feel a lot less bottled up it really helps that I know I can talk to my family and my friends and know that people are literally a text or a phone call away. 

People are imperative in my life without them I'm sure I would be a wreck and I really truly do have some of the most amazing people I could possible have ever asked for in my life. The past week I have received cards and gifts from a very far off friend across the seas for me and Megan, a close PH friend Karen sent me and Meggy a card and some beautifully hand made bracelets for the both of us which are just so lovely! Then my extended PH family Kath and Rob and their daughters sent me some beautiful flowers, a heart plague with a beautiful saying on it and chocolate too. These people really do not have to send me gifts or cards but they are the most kind, thoughtful, most caring wonderful people I have ever come across to take time out of there lives to send me something to think and worry about how I am, I'm so touched to have people like that in my life. 

A small message of encouragement, of love is just such a wonderful thing and I am amazingly blessed to have the amazing people in my life that I have. 

The people in my life are truly the pillars that keep me standing, their love and encouragement is what keeps me going, they are the force that drives me on and I love each and every single one of them for it. Without them all; family, friends, PH friends and transplant friends my life would be a lot less than what it is and I honestly, from the bottom of my heart cannot thank each and every single person enough for all that they do for me. Even when they don't realise it they do more for me than they could ever know.    

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