So Blogland in polite terms I am one currently very hacked off Stacie. I went to hospital under the impression I would be there having my line removed and replaced today. Oh no, no, no, no my idiot of a doctor went and decided to get the second opinion of the head of Infectious diseases. This guy didn't want to have any discussions in front of me my head doctor though politely told him that I like to know whats going on and like to be kept in the loop and like to air my opinions should I have any, and boy did I. 

The infectious diseases guy decided he didn't think a new line should be put in just yet not until they had taken yet more blood cultures. Sounds simple? Well trust me it is not, blood cultures take between 3-5 days to grow. My question then was well why the hell didn't they take them last week while I was there? And why aren't the million other blood cultures that I've had done recently good enough? No-one had an answer to why they didn't do them last week, round of applause, seriously round of applause! Then the answer to my next question was that the head of infectious diseases didn't trust anyone else's results. So I was like well great so I had the unsurmountable pleasure of staying at Hotel Hammersmith for no good sodding reason. 

So now I'm on yet more antibiotics which are making me feel "lovely" and to top off a already pile of shit cake I got told I had to do my own Tinzaparin injections. I have never been good with needles the only reason I'm kind of okay with cannulas and blood tests now is because I have a minimum of 30 a year and I don't look when they're going in. Tinzaparin is the replacement for my warfarin so that when they do eventually take out my line and put in a new one they can do it no fussing about with INR levels. It however has to be injected into my stomach and let me tell I was on the verge of a full blown panic attack having to do it. 

So now we will find out on Tuesday whether my blood has grown anything and if it hasn't then I'll go back in on thursday and have it done friday and I'm telling you now if they mess me around again they are going to have to feel the wrath of Stacie like they have never seen it before! If however it does grow something I will be brought in as a emergency and given IV's and will have the delight of being hospital bound for several weeks, how lovely for me. 

I thought it was going so well they got things in me with no problem everything seemed to be going smoothly I wasn't very anxious and was ready to finally have this thing out and a new hopefully less temperamental one put in. I suppose it is just one of those road blocks that life sticks in your way sometimes that you have to get past and try not to be down heartened by it and try and see the silver lining I'll now be here to receive my Meds delivery which I was worrying about because whenever someone else does it, something gets forgotten about so at least that can go smoothly. I get to see my friend Rosie who's down for the weekend. I get to go with my sister to book her wedding venue so it's okay really. I just wish sometimes it was easier.

Chat soon guys 


  1. Couldn't believe it when I saw this! They've been messing me around too! My appointment to get my line fitted has been cancelled twice and now they're saying they can't do it for three weeks. I'm going up to learn how to mix up the meds so I'm going to give them a piece of my mind and insist that they do it earlier. Sorry to hear they're being a massive pain to you too! x

  2. Oh Stacie I really empathize with this post- Doctors and the NHS can be so annoying, I often feel like I am being completely led along by my Doctors and that they themselves don't really know what is going on.

    I have just done a post on coping with long term illness if anyone is need of extra support


    Best wishes x


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