Good Old Catch-Up...

So my lovelies in all the Hulabaloo with me finishing work and losing my metaphorical purpose in life I forgot to update you. I had a Hammersmith clinic appointment on Monday that I completely forgot to tell you about. I went by myself as it was just a run of the mill clinic appointment where I was getting the stitches from my line taken out. I had to have them in a little bit longer than you would normally have them in because I have a tendency to bleed more than the average person so they were in for about 3 weeks. 

I got to London with no hick-ups or anything which is somewhat of a miracle for me as regular readers will know. Having my stitches out felt so good, like an itch that needed to be scratched a little bit painful but the good type. I went in and Saw Rachel (my PH doctor) and we had a little discussion I told her about my numb arms, can't breath episodes and apparently it would seem that the acid reflux that I've been experiencing for the past year since I was put on Flolan can cause those type of episodes. Some of the drugs I am on, Sildenifil and Flolan in particular relax muscles and actually relax the muscles in my oesophagus, which is the reason I have a hard time swallowing bread, but because of these relaxed muscles it means the acid from my stomach can make it's way up my throat and goes onto my vocal cords which causes them to seize up which if any of you know vocal cords have a lot to do with being able to breath and thats why I was having episodes of not being able to breath and feeling like my throat was closing off. 

So I am now on a new drug called Omeprazole which just settles the acid in my stomach so it hopefully doesn't make its way up my throat and onto my vocal cords again. Thats all that pretty much happened at Hammersmith although with the 6 hours in the car and the 2/3 hours waiting around in the hospital I managed to read a whole book called "Me Before you" By Jo Jo Moyes and it was a beautiful book that I totally recommend to anyone looking for a unconventional romance story. 

Then in general life news I have discovered smoothies... A while ago I brought a Nutri-Bullet because I was going to be 'healthy' but a few weeks passed and I barely used it but a few days ago my lovely mother brought home these packets of frozen fruit which have various different fruits in designed to make a lovely smoothie and they taste really yummy. I think I have officially found my new breakfast. I generally don't eat breakfast due to sheer laziness but these smoothies are super easy to make and I find them really filling. Hopefully this will help me in my quest to lose the pounds that are piling on at the moment. 

Thank-you to everyone who has made suggestions for things for me to do as well, I'm making a list and I am taking all of your suggestions on board. Oh yeah and welcome to the followers I seem to have gained in the past few days I hope you enjoy the sometimes bumpy and emotional ride that is my life :-D

Chat soon guys 


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