My Haven...

So today I am going to show you my Haven... and by that I mean my Bedroom. Why? You maybe asking. Well because my bedroom is a very important part of my life, it is my little haven a place entirely my own. 

I have not always had a place of my own as I shared a bedroom with Megan for the first 17 years of my life until the day that my older sister moved out to her very first apartment and since that day my room has been my retreat my own cosy cave to go when times are tough, when all I want is a bit of quiet, a place to be with friends and escape the world through movies, books, a place to reminisce. 

It's a bit like when you're sick and all you want to do is curl up in your bed and forget the world... Right? Well I'm sick all of the time but I can't just curl up in bed all of the time, as much as I may want to. There are however a lot of days where I cannot face the world or even the rest of my house and so my room gets a hell of a lot of quality time and therefore it has everything I could want in it... except food I do have to venture outside the realm of my bedroom if I want food... and a bathroom as well but that is literally two feet away from my bedroom so that hardly counts LOL. 

What I am trying to say though is I think for anyone in a similar position to me, or anyone really, they need a place that they can call their own, entirely their own. There are days when you don't want to talk to anyone and just want to be alone but being in the condition that I am I can't just go take a walk somewhere and clear my head. So instead I close the door and I pull the blind and my little haven welcomes my return.     

It pretty much has the entirety or HMV in it, Warren and James constantly tell me I could open a blockbuster. It contains memories from the good old days, thousands of photos, clothes galore and I may as well have a pharmacy in my bedroom. I can't completely escape the world or my situation as half my wardrobe is occupied by all the equipment I need to make up the medication that keeps me alive. Then there's my little office corner where I get to keep up with people and pour my thoughts out to you lovely lot.
I think it would just be nice for me to document where "my place" was at this time in my life because I'm sure once I get my transplant I won't be spending nearly as much time in my bedroom and I'd just like to remember the place that I felt safe, that I could always retreat to when I needed to and contained all my creature comforts.  
What you see when you initially walk into my bedroom 
My computer corner and obviously as you can see the copious amounts of stuff I keep in the cubby holes

A closer look at these 4 cubby holes;- Lots of lovely medication in the top left, Some Vampire diary things in the top right, the transplant box that will someday have a use in the bottom left and my Harry potter cubby hole in the bottom right
Lots of Purell which is always in my bedroom as I have to remain sterile when I make up my medication, the beautiful flowers Kath and Rob got me and other bits and bobs that rarely move from my printer. 
My sharps box where all things that touch my Flolan medication go, needles glass that type of thing. The start of my DVD collection, the cabinet mainly contains Disney DVD's and movies beginning with A then obviously continuing to the other letters the bookshelf and a corner where i chuck my shoes :D 
On top of my cubby holes, lots more DVD's  my jewellery box, little teddies I've received and cards some friends have been kind enough to send me recently. 
Yet more DVD's, a VW lamp, mirror and headbands :)  
Unable to escape medical things for too long a portable canister which only gets used if I have a really long car journey ahead or if the electricity goes out which isn't often.  
The place which I could not be without for long, my bed. The L shaped pillow has been a absolute lifesaver for me I can't sleep flat and this seems to support me in my sleep and I have been sleeping so much better since I brought it. The Noddy toys I have had the one on the left since I was born and the one on the right my Great Grandmother had made for me when I was a baby. The one on the left has been to every major hospital event in my life so far. What would a bed be without a few disney toys; Olaf, Spot, Minnie and a plethora of pillows Gryffindor included ;) My kindle and nasel cannula included as they are must haves in my bed. 
Wardrobe, which Alfie couldn't help getting into. The first 5 baskets have clothes in generally jeans, jumpers, t-shirts, leggings. Then the bottom 2 baskets contain stuff to make up my Epoprostenal/Flolan and where my cat is and the box is usually full of individual bags to make up my meds but that lovely task of making up the bags isn't till tomorrow and the spare bedroom is currently ladened with boxes :) 
The main part of my wardrobe with all my lovely clothes, where Alfie is, is where lots of individual medication bags usually are but as I mentioned above thats task is happening tomorrow so at least my wardrobe is looking somewhat tidier for you guys. Also at the top there's a few books but 95% of my book collection is under my bed which happens to lift up for lots more storage space. 
The bag that has only ever be used twice on May 20th/21st 2013 and October 8th/9th 2013 with both my false alarms 
My TV corner. My beautiful lamp with the New York skyline that I received as a present a few years ago, a little "I Love you" plague that my aunt gave me a few years ago. The DVD's that I'm currently working my way through. As you can probably tell I'm not one of the people who need the most up to date technology so my TV will never be the most up to date thing in the world but it does the job :) 
My beautiful Draws which just generally keeps underwear and socks in but I absolutely love them. Underneath you can obviously see lots of bags this is also another place I keep the individual bags that I make up to make my medications with and on the right my little green box that I keep the majority of my shoes in. 
Annnnddd finally we have the photo frame that I brought when we first moved into this house and contains a lot of the people I hold dear to my heart and obviously a Gryffindor flag if people didn't already know I love Harry Potter. 
That's it guys. Obviously my room tends to be scattered with pillows usually and there are nooks and crannies that I didn't show you like under my desk where I keep my photo albums and files and under my bed where I keep childhood memories and the majority of my book collection and my bag collection and uni stuff but honestly it's a mess under there and I didn't want to sort it out lol. 
I hope you enjoyed that "tour" of my bedroom and I hope you can see why I love my bedroom so much and see how I can spend so much time in it :) 

Chat soon guys 


  1. Hi Stacie, what a lovely room, with all your important things nearby. Hoping you won't be spending so much time indoors soon, having got your call and your transplant. All the best. Kath. X

    1. Thanks Kath, I certainly hope so too :) xoxo

  2. I love your room! It looks absolutely amazing and I completely understand why it's your safe haven. :) Love, Maaike.

  3. Such a wonderful and cosy room! And what a DVD collection - wow! x

    P.S. I am currently hosting a giveaway and would love it if you could enter.

    1. aww thanks Natalia. I will definitely check it out :) xoxo

  4. Love you room! It looks both cosy and spacious at the same time and is really well laid out. I commented ageess ago saying that I was a medical student and your condition came up in my paper. You probably cant remember but sorry for not commenting back! I always keep updated with your blog and how you are getting on and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you getting your call soon. Rachel x

    1. Hi Rachel!!! Yes I do remember. How did it go in the end? Aww thank-you I certainly hope it's soon too :) xoxo

  5. I LOVE your room. Can I come for a sleep over? Yes? Awesome.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. Thanks Hayley!! Yes so long as you bring the junk food :D xoxo

  6. Its such a haven as you say, even now its nice to crash in my room. Love yours its so cosy. Also squealed when I saw my plaque in there!! :) Tor xxx

    1. I love it tor!!! I'm so pleased I got it! It moves from time to time but it's generally pride of place by my tv :) xoxo

  7. I love this, I love this!!! There is a comfy place to sleep ...all your supplies at your fingertips - now, let me explain: I can't sit down comfortably at my computer without supplies that include pen and paper, possibly coffee, et al (so not necessarily medical supplies) Thank you for sharing!!!

  8. You´ve got a beautyfull heaven ! It seems full of personality and it´s such a lovely room ♥


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