Struck with the Con Blues...

Megan and I are depressed!! Not in the serious actually depressed way, in the over dramatic we wish were back at insurgence 6 kind of way.

Every year without fail we have to come back to our normal lives and we're always moody, miserable girlies for days. I think it's a mixture of things that does it. Like I mentioned in my previous blog endorphins and adrenaline are gone so there's a instant low right there but then normal life just seems super boring and mundane compared the few days we were away.

Me and meg always get super ambitious too because you always sort of come back inspired to live your dreams but you get back to your normal life and realise that living your dreams really isn't as easy as it seems. There are so many road blocks that are ahead for you and I can't even begin to think about living them until I get my transplant so that brings you down even more. It will only last a week or so but you should hear mine and Megan's phone conversations at the moment they go a bit like this:-

Megan "How you doing?"
Me "Depressed! How are you?"
Megan "Depressed!"

LOL we're obviously not actually depressed but we just really want to live the lives we've always wanted and you've just met people who went out and chased their dreams and made it happen but it's not always that easy. So at the moment it's all about the chocolate! But I promise one day I will live my dreams and I will take all of you along for the ride, it's going to be AMAZING and I cannot wait! 

Chat soon guys 

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