Blogging for 2 YEARS...

My, my, my, it's been 2 whole years since I started up my little old blog and I cannot quite believe it! Last year I spent my blogging anniversary in hospital fighting a very serious infection which was kind of killing me and this year it is once again very hot but I get to celebrate it from home. It's maybe not exactly how I would have liked to be celebrating it  I kind of hoped by now I would have had my transplant and I would have liked to have been getting on with my life but all that being said this year has had it's ups and its downs but I'm going to be sharing with you the posts which I think have been particular highlights of the year or have been significant in one way or another. 

After getting over my infection, August to September were pretty uneventful in the way of actually doing anything but towards the end of September beginning of October one of my wonderful Transplant/PH buddies Kath got her Heart and Lung transplant  I remember very vividly the day that happened and you can reminisce with me in this blogpost where I talk about Kath getting her transplant. I can't believe that was so long ago but I'm so immensely proud of how well Kath is doing and that was definitely a highlight of my year. 

Not long after Kaths transplant I got to go to the Cosmopolitan Blog awards 2013 as Life is worth the fight got shortlisted for "Best Lifestyle Blog" which was a insane experience and something I did not expect in a million years. I got to take my sister and we had a wonderful time meeting fellow bloggers and getting all dressed up for it. It was really nice looking at that blogpost again because I haven't seen it in a while and it just brought back nice happy memories. 

I can't say the next one was a highlight really but it was a moment of significant importance in the last year and that is when I got my Second False alarm. It wasn't a happy memory for me, in fact it brings up horrible scared memories for me but it was significant and it was actually something that was a stepping stone in my realisation of why I really do need my transplant. 

My next most significant blogpost was when Bernice got her Transplant. Bernice has become one of my Best-friends and seeing her get her transplant was just one of the happiest days ever. As much as I want my transplant I was just a giddy idiot that day because I was SO happy seeing her get her transplant. It made me believe in miracles again that day and as much as I still do believe, belief fades but when something that amazing happens your belief comes back tenfold, it was just amazing. 

You would think I would be posting quite a lot of posts of my Birthday and my Christmas but I was quite depressed/sad/upset over christmas and as much as I tried to enjoy it there was a shadow over it for me. Then the beginning part of the year was just flooded with A&E after A&E visits and just so many hospital admissions so it's hard to really pick a particularly significant or happy post from the early part of the year. 

My next post is not a happy post but certainly a significant post for me. It was a post where I was 100% honest with you guys. Not that I'm not always but there are some things that I hold back from you guys because I don't want to upset or scare you but my post "An awfully big adventure" was the most honest post I have ever written and I know it upset some of the people who read it but it was something I had to share and I feel like that post was definitely a turning point for me in regards to my anxiety and my ability to share things with my friends and family. 

My Haven post is probably one of my favourites this year because I feel like you guys got to know me a lot better through that post because I was showing you somewhere that I spend about 70% of my time and I really just enjoyed sharing that part of myself with you guys. 

So my Vampire Diaries convention is always a massive highlight of the year for me and if you haven't seen that post yet please go check it out; Insurgence 6 post it's just great to meet up with old friends and share in something we all enjoy so that will always be a highlight of the year for me :). 

And finally the most recent highlight of the blogging year for me is being  Shortlisted for the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014  that is something I honestly never expected to happen especially after being shortlisted last year and I still am in complete shock about it. It is all thanks to you guys and I don't know how to thank-you except to just keep saying thank-you! 

This blog is something I am so immensely proud of, when I started it, it was somewhere for me to get it all down and it still is. This is place where people can read about my life and know that I speak with frank honesty, somewhere people can come to gain an insight into the life of someone waiting for 3 new organs, someone living a life with a terminal illness but for anyone who also has been newly diagnosed that it isn't a death sentence life is still a wonderful and precious thing that can be lived just slightly alternatively. 

At the moment it continues to be a pre-transplant blog but I certainly hope that one day it will be a post transplant blog and I continue to thank-you all for being on this journey with me. So here's to the next exciting year :-D

Chat soon guys


  1. Wow! You've been through so much.
    I just read your post 'An Awfully Big Adventure' and I think it must have taken a lot to open up about that subject, but hats off to you for doing so and I hope it helped. Sometimes it can help to open up online, as weird as that is and as some people might find that, it can be a big help.
    Hopefully we'll meet at the Cosmo awards :)
    x tink x

    1. I complete know what you mean. Once I've written things down I tend to be able to talk about them much more easily than if I were to suddenly start speaking about it. It's like I'm organising my thoughts if that makes sense?

      Yes definitely I'm super excited for it :)


  2. Congratulations on your 2 year blog-versary!!! Very honest and well-thought-out review (I have several posts///links to check on) ... and ... it is a sign of your own maturity that you can celebrate for others, when they receive something that you definitely want for yourself - may God continue to bless your journey, my friend!

    1. Thank-you Jeanne! Hope you are well :) xoxo


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