Heat be gone...

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I am so beyond over this so called "nice" weather we've been having lately. If you aren't from the UK then just so you know we've been having a string of quite hot days which for the UK is a bit unusual, but the thing is with the UK we never just get nice weather where it's really warm and there's a nice breeze to go along with it. It is always really, really humid which is different from nice hot weather. For some of us with lung and/or heart conditions humidity is the enemy. Breathing becomes really shallow and heart beat is somewhere in the hundreds without any kind of exertion and it's honestly awful. 

I am not your typical Brit. As a nation we tend to complain no matter what weather we have. When it's hot, it's too hot when it's cold it's too cold. We're never happy with whatever weather we have. It's what we do, if you're in a taxi and you have nothing to talk to your taxis driver about you talk about the weather, it's the rule! But me not being your typical Brit I will never complain when it's cold and raining... Give me Rain and cold any day over hot and humid and you won't hear a word of complaint from me. 

Hey maybe when I have my transplant my new heart and lungs will actually like hot weather and I'll be able to cope with it much better, which I really kind of hope they do because it would be nice to go for a walk in park or whatever and enjoy the sun and heat without having to cart around a oxygen cylinder or whatever... That would be nice. 

I wish I had lots of life news to update you on but it would seem I have a fairly boring life at the moment. Next week however one of my Best-friends, Gina, is returning from her 17months in Australia and I am so excited to see her! There's a small part of me that thinks maybe my transplant will happen when she gets back which would be so beyond amazing because Gina has been there through it all and I can't really imagine doing it without having visits from her while I'm there, it's going to be awesome!

Chat soon guys


  1. I don't like the heat so I can only imagine how you must suffer with it. I much prefer rain and cold. Give me a nice cold rainy duvet day anytime! Hope your well xx

  2. Here in Belgium we have kinda the same problem... Today the thermometer hit 33°C and I really hope this weather isn't here to last, because it's driving my lungs crazy and making me even more sensitive to hyperventilating. I do like a nice day and some good weather but with some good weather I mean 20°C, so let's hope the temperatures drop at least ten degrees by tomorrow haha :)
    I wish you the best of luck!


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