It's a good life...

Life is currently good, very good! I seem to be going through a run of good days, it is so beyond refreshing. Although I'm missing work I think it was the right decision for me, I'm not spending 2 days recovering from my shift which means my body isn't having to recover the energy it's lost which means I feel much better within myself. I've been hanging out with friends and watching a lot of tennis and football mainly this week. The tennis is usual thing for me, the football not so much. I sort of feel like I have to be watching the football at the moment because I have money on it I never really have a clue whats going on and it really annoys me when they roll around like idiots pretending like someone tripped them over or whacked them in the face and then two seconds later when they have a free kick or whatever they're completely fine. It's stupid but I'm determined to win my money. 

I think the run of good days I've been having has a lot to do with how I'm not in and out of hospital at the moment. I managed to go the whole of June without visiting the A&E which has not happened since September last year. It feels amazing to just have my regular normal clinic appointments to go to not traipsing to a fro from Hammersmith every week which from the outside might not seem like much but 6 hours in a car and waiting around hospitals is a lot more exhausting that it might appear, so I'm so pleased that it's back to the normal visits. So I'm appreciating it while it lasts. 

For those of you who don't know it is Transplant week next week which basically means there's going to be a lot transplant related stuff floating around. I'm not going to say whether you should or should not donate because it is your decision at the end of the day I just ask that you ask yourself a few questions. 

- Would you except an organ if you needed one?
- Would you want a loved one to have an organ if they needed one?

If you answer yes to either one of those questions then I'm sorry you should be on the organ donor register otherwise the only word that can be used for you is hypocrite. Then once you've asked those questions you have to ask yourself have you told your family whether you want to donate or not? Either way whether you do or don't they should know, you need to spell it out! And that very saying is what the NHSBT are running with this year they want you to spell it out to everyone, let them know what you would want to happen should the worse happen. I actually think it's a very clever campaign but not only that it means if the worst should happen your family would know 100% that, that is what you wanted they wouldn't have to think about it and worry about whether they are doing something you wouldn't want and that for me is the greatest thing you could give your family, absolute peace of mind that they would be doing the right thing by you and doing what you want.  

So guys next week if you see anything related to transplant week on Facebook or twitter or whatever, give it a like, a share, a retweet you never know it might help. As always there is link in my side bar that will take you the place where you can sign up or you can press the link here.

Chat soon guys 


  1. Louise's blog brought me here!!! You have such a lovely blog! :) I am good you are enjoying life right now. That is the way to be!


  2. Really interesting blog post, very good points raised that are important to consider! I really admire your positivity :) xxx



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