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Hello my wonderful blogland. 

So today I am going to be introducing you to the lovely Miss Erika. You've likely heard me mention Erika before now in previous posts like the one just before I had my line put in and a few more after that. Erika is my lovely PH buddy who lives here in Swindon, she is 15 years old, just about to turn 16 and we meet up every now and then just to talk, have pizza and just generally have a laugh.  

You are probably wondering why I am introducing her to you guys. The thing is, you guys probably don't realise how rare it is to find someone in the same town with PH let alone someone you get on with and actually like. So Erika is a very special person. It's so nice to just be able to talk about everything with her not have to hold back on something because we're worried about offending or scaring someone with how open and candid we are about our disease. Erika is a bit further along with our disease than I was at her age, she's had an assessment for lung transplant but is currently holding off on it which I admire. Generally though it's just nice to know theres someone close by going through the same thing you are and Erika always knows I'm here if she ever needs anything. 

Erika has recently started a blog as well which I am so proud of her for doing! I honestly believe that writing things down can massively help in situations like ours, it's an easy way of letting people know how you are feeling without having to actually face the torment of telling someone and expressing yourself. She's called it Tinkerbellaaaaa xo and it's a bit like my blog where she talks about herself but talks about the things she likes and enjoys too, it's really good so definitely go and check it out. 

In general life news not much has been happening really, I've just been enjoying time in the sun with my nephews. I've done a fair bit of shopping, naughty! I may do a post on what I brought at some point but except for that I've just been relaxing. I've discovered Prison Break which is amazing and I can't believe I didn't take Rosie's advice when she told me years ago to watch it. It's just so good. Me and Meg have something exciting happening on Tuesday which I'm looking forward to and will tell you more about next week :-P. Life is good though blogland and I hope it is good with you too. 

Chat soon guys

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