New Facebook Page and a little update...

Hello my lovelies. 

So over the past few days I have been working on a New Facebook Page... Why? Well my Old Facebook Page wasn't so much of a Facebook page as it was a "group" which you can still join by the way as it's where my family may post updates about me getting my transplant if I can't update you first. 

I just wanted a Facebook Page that went more with my Blog if that makes sense? I feel like it looks much better plus I know some of you may not use Bloglovin or Twitter or Google + and just stick with good old Facebook but I know that with the most recent update on it (which I despise fyi) posts aren't in a chronological order anymore, which annoys me to no end! So this just makes it easier for you guys to go and see and be updated if you wanted to be.   

I may also be posting some things on my Youtube channel that I have had for too many years to count now (feeling like a old timer) and not actually really used, just watched my fav Youtubers as do most of us. I'm thinking of doing just little day in the life videos every now and then, now that I actually have the free time to be able to do them. I tried once before, it went horrifically wrong LOL. But just look out for that if you wanted to watch little snippets of my days every now and then I did actually film bits and bobs from today so we'll see if I can compile something worth watching from that. I just thought I would just keep you guys in the loop rather than just spring things on you. So if you want to go Like my New Facebook Page you can or go subscribe to my Youtube channel in preparation then please feel free too, I'm sure I will let you know here as well when I actually do upload.

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 


  1. Hey! Subscribing to your youtube right now! haha!! xx

    1. Aww thanks Rachel! I'm not sure how well I'll do with it just yet but when I get my transplant I'm sure it'll be good to look back on it then :).



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