Some things make even the saddest things better...

Today I have been waiting for my transplant for 2 years 3 months. That is a very, very long time especially when you are the person waiting. Normally I would be sad on this day but today one of my best friends in the entire world came back from Australia which has just completely overridden any sad/unhappy feelings I have towards this day. 

I'm extremely lucky that I'm quite stable and I'm not lying in some hospital bed somewhere waiting for my transplant because that would be awful and that would mean I would be unstable and extremely ill and we would then have to start thinking of some alternatives. So I'm so thankful that I am where I am and I'm definitely trying not to look at this day as anything more than a day. 

Also luckily for me the fact that I am stable and not waiting in a hospital for my transplant means I get to see Gina now that she is back from the land of Oz. I don't get to see her till Thursday but that's okay 4 days after not seeing her for like 15 months is nothing. 

Me and Gina have been friends since we were 11 years old. She is one of the first friends I made when I started Secondary school (high school) that is 12 years we've been friends, that's over half our lives. Me and Gina are the kind of friends that can go months without talking to each other yet when we se each other, it's like no time has past at all. We did actually go two years without talking to each other, not because we fell out or anything but because we had left school and you know when people just drift apart but then when we met up again it was like no time had past and it was like it was yesterday that we had seen each other. 

So the fact that I get to see Gina on Thursday makes me one very excited Stacie and it means I get to give her, her Birthday present as Gina is joining the grand old age club of 23 on Friday. I think this will be one of the first months in a while where I haven't been upset about still waiting, I'm just too excited and giddy to dwell on it this month ;) 

Chat soon guys


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