When a Best-friend returns...

Hello my lovelies. So Yesterday I finally, after 15months of her being away, got to see Gina one of my bestest friends in the entire world
It was honestly just so lovely to see her again. I think when someone goes away you just kind of place them in a little part of your brain so you can't miss them too much. It's like a safety mechanism and one that worked well for the past 15months. We enjoyed a really great day of just a lot of talking really. We went to Meggy's house first because Gina has yet to see Meggy's new house and just talked for ages, about wedding stuff, life stuff, Australia stuff, health stuff we talked about it all. We went to (you guessed it) Pizza Hut for lunch because Gina has been deprived of Pizza Hut whilst being in Australia and then we went back to Meg's because Gina told us... wait for it... That she has NEVER SEEN FROZEN!!! If I could insert shocked emojis here there would be about a thousand that's how shocked I was! Apparently while she was in Australia she was cut off from the sheer delight that is "Frozen".... or she was just doing actual adult things LOL. So we introduced her to the phenomenon that is Frozen I think we spoke to much though for her to really be absorbed by it's magic, whoops!  
It was really just SO awesome to see her. If you've read my "About Me" page you will know that I don't have loads and loads of really close friends. I have friends obviously but they aren't people that I would guarantee that will be my friends for life not because I don't love them or anything like that but because as a general rule friendships can run their course, or people lose touch, people change and that does happen. Then we have my Best-friends. Best-friend is not a term I use lightly. If some-one is my best-friend it is someone I expect to be a part of my life till the end of my days, they are the people that I know I would do anything for and they would do the same in return. Gina is one of the few best-friends I have. Even though we both hoped in the 15 months that she was away that I would get my transplant there is this small part of us that is slightly relieved that she will now definitely be here in the UK to be here for it. I was more than ready to have my transplant while she was away in Australia but I'm so happy that she's back now to actually be here for it. 
I'm just happy to finally have my friend back and it's her Birthday today which is super exciting I gave her, her present yesterday which was a beautiful Teacup and saucer with a matching sandwich plate I think that's what it's called. It was a super posh teacup that I personally would be super afraid to use but Gee is gathering things for when her and her Boyfriend Mike move in together and she wants unique individual teacups, it's a really cute idea. I also got her socks because I assumed on her return to England she would need them I didn't anticipate this ridiculous weather we are currently having LOL but sure enough I'm sure the UK will return to it's cold rainy days where the cosy socks will once again come in handy. I won't be seeing her today as I have plans but I will be seeing her on Saturday with a few of my other chum chums when we go on our London adventures :-D. 

Chat soon guys

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