Ahh, Uni stress already...

I'm freaking myself out guys!!

I'm just trying to do some research into PGCE's, Post Graduate Certificate in Education for those who don't know, and OMG I'm feeling a lot of pressure all of a sudden. I'm about to do the last module of my degree which is a HARD module, like ridiculous amount of research, lots of extra reading kind of hard. Some of my previous modules weren't amazing results but still okay and I was proud of them nonetheless because I got those passes whilst going through some very tough times the problem is a University is not going to care about the "tough times" that I was going through whilst still managing to maintain a decent level within my modules and I wouldn't use them to qualify those results to them either. 

The University I would particularly like to go to, to do a PGCE would ideally be Oxford Brookes of UWE because Oxford Brookes is literally a bus or train ride away and UWE the same also applies. I think I may find it easier getting into UWE but I still have the issue that I have to do quite well on this upcoming module and if I don't do that wonderfully because I have a tonne of interfering hospital crap then there's a chance I won't be able to do it. There will be some saying that I should use it to my advantage but I have absolutely never ever used my illness to help me get anywhere when it comes to my education. I got into UWE after my A-Levels on my own merits my UCAS personal statement mentioned nothing of my condition or the obstacles I had to overcome whilst in college even though my Tutor told me that I should put it in there somewhere. Being the stubborn girl I am though I think my work and results should speak for themselves. I shouldn't have doors opened for me just because of a genetically flawed anatomy. Every time I think about the fact that I got into Uni when I was 19 but wasn't allowed to go, it makes me want to bang my head against a wall. If I had been allowed to go I would have been done with all of this, I know I would! It's just hard for me to accept that's all. I know my health had to come first though and I do accept that. I did accept it and I still got to do my degree just the slow way, through the Open University. I suppose if it doesn't work out the way I want it to I can always be proud of the fact that I will have a degree just not the most amazing degree on the planet lol. 

I'm just stressing myself out a bit guys because I'm sure that I will get my transplant soon [optimistic Stacie today ;)] and therefore I want to be running straight at my future full throttle as soon as I am able and I just don't want some Sub par grades to hold me back from it. It also doesn't help that trying to work out the Honours system with the Open Uni is stressful enough without all the PGCE stuff too.

It will be fine though I'm sure, I just needed a place to vent for a second :-D  

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 


  1. Aww you'll be fine, it'll all work out in the end! :)
    I'm excited to get back to uni but not for the stress of work!
    alicekatex ♥

    1. I'm sure it will, I'll look back and wonder why I was so stressed lol.
      Have fun while you can and good luck for when you go back :) xoxo

  2. You have a lovely blog and seem like a wonderful person. x



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