Car Troubles...

Hello my lovelies, 

Who knew searching for a car would be so stressful?! I certainly didn't. 

Okay to fill you in we have a motability car. Because of my condition we have to have a reliable car that can take me to and from all my various different hospital appointments and when I get my transplant I will be doing the 3 hours journey to and from Papworth at least once a week after I'm initially released and we don't know how long that will go on for. Anyway our current car is up for renewal soon and when we got that car we didn't really have a clue what our needs were or what they would come to be so we just chose any old thing that we liked and we ended up with a Nissan Juke, which don't get me wrong is a lovely car it just doesn't accommodate our needs any more. I'm using Wheelchairs a lot more than I ever did 3 years ago and the long journeys just aren't that comfortable in the Juke. 

We had no idea it would be so hard to find a car that wasn't horrible visually but had the boot space we needed i.e could fit more than just the wheelchair in, had space in the back so you didn't feel like a sardine and didn't have a low lying roof so that every time you went over a bump your head would bang on the roof (reason for that being we live in the centre of a circle surround by roads with hundreds [no exaggeration] of speed bumps, sometimes you feel like you should wear a helmet in the Juke when you're in the back.) 

So I think we went to nearly all the car dealerships in Swindon and if we did find one we liked that  had everything that we wanted it had a ridiculous down payment that you had to put down which I just cannot afford to pay. So we were pretty much nearly giving up and one of our last port of calls was Vauxhall. I don't particularly have an opinion on Vauxhalls and had no idea what we would find but we found the car that we are getting The "Vauxhall Zafira Tourer" 

I'm really happy with it and just so pleased we have finally decided. I'm not the biggest car person as it is, so spending days trying to pick a car and dealing with sales person after sales person is so not my idea of fun. I love the fact that it has quite a bit of space in the back so I will be perfectly comfortable in the back sleeping on our long journeys to and fro from Papworth and if we decide to go on a big shopping trip we won't have to curb how much we buy because there is plenty of space in the boot to fit a wheelchair and our shopping bags too. Priorities people ;)

So on Tuesday we will be going back to Vauxhall as that is my dad's first day off and putting our order in for the car Phew!
As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 


  1. I had this same issue. I went to 17 different dealerships, trying to find out with a high enough boot to fit my hoist.

    In the end I went with a Ford C-Max, which I'm really happy with. I love the keyless entry, which is helpful from the wheelchair or when on sticks, and has a large boot too.

    Glad you found something.

    1. I think people think we have it made getting a new car every 3 years but I just find it stressful LOL.

      I like the Ford C-Max we probably would have found something sooner if we didn;t have to take 4 opinions into consideration haha!



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