MILLIES COOKIES || White Chocolate and Raspberry || Oat and Raisin || White chocolate chip || Milk chocolate chip || Coconut and milk chocolate

Millies cookies are something I cannot resist every time I see them I have to get some. I  actually just ate 8 of them and I felt sick but it was totally worth it! 

LUSH GOODIES || Dragon Egg Ballistic £3.25 || The Comforter £4.50 || Brightside Bubble bar £4.50 || FUN - Yellow £5.00 || Tester of Ice Blue Free

As always I had to do a bit of a stock up of Lush goodies. I thought I'd try out the Dragon egg one because I haven't before but all the others are old favourites which you've likely seen many time before. They also gave me a tester for their new one called "Ice Blue" and I can't say that it smells that nice but it smells of the sea so I'm assuming there's salts and stuff in there that are good for you. 

JOHN LEWIS || Diner Jar glass £4 each || Ice Cream sundae glass £3.50 each

I was a bit naughty whilst in John Lewis and brought a fair few of the ice-cream sundae glasses and the Diner Jar glasses. I love this style that seems to be in at the moment. Because I do intend to not be living with my parents my entire life I do tend to pick things up occasionally and I'm really into smoothies at the moment and the mason jar type glasses are just perfect for them and I hoping that the sundae glasses will help control how much ice-cream I eat, when I do that is, because I'm someone that just piles a bowl full and doesn't know when to stop. I've never really been a fan of portion control if I'm honest ;) but these glasses will definitely help with that. It probably wasn't the greatest idea to buy these in John Lewis as I'm sure there are places where you can get them cheaper but I find John Lewis good quality and I know I won't need to replace them in a hurry.   

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 


  1. I love the comforter bubble bar! It smells so gorgeous and warming. xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jemma! The cookies were amazing :-D xoxo

  3. Now I really want some cookies! I love their chocolate orange ones. Yum.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. You'll probably be surprised but I hate chocolate orange Hayley :-/ but I love their coconut ones and there white chocolate ones they're my favs :D xoxo


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