Someone WILL be right...

Hello my lovely lot, 

I feel like I haven't written to you guys in so long even though it was only Monday that I last did. Saying that though 5/6 days is a long time for me not to write to you guys. I have been fairly busy though so you must forgive me. My older sister and I have been preparing for a Car boot sale which we are going to do tomorrow, I'm quite excited about it not only will I be getting rid of things that I rarely use I will making some money. We've been sorting out what we're going to be taking and labelling them up with guideline prices because no doubt people will haggle but the pricing just makes us feel a bit more in control. I'm going to take pictures and maybe vlog depending on how I'm feeling tomorrow but it should be a really good day even if it is a really early start. 

Last night I went through the document which is on my Transplant Facebook page which is where people are guessing when I will get my transplant and whoever wins I will send a little something. There were quite a few who's guesses had past so they get to guess again, it's slightly depressing that we're so far into 2014 already that the guesses are starting to go into 2015 but it's nice to get interactive about it. If any of you want to join just head on over to my transplant page and have a guess. I'm determined that at least one person will be right at some point LOL. 

Other than preparing for a Car boot sale all I've really been doing is playing Sims 3 which is super sad of me I know but I haven't played sims in years and I found out that you could get Sims 2 on my iMac and then I went and brought Sims 3 as well so I've just been playing that a bit. It's a bit of nostalgia for me. 

I promise my next blog will not be 5/6days away it will probably be Monday or Tuesday with me detailing my Car boot sale experience for you guys, so I hope you're excited ;-)  

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 

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  1. I love a good car boot sale..I work Sundays so I havent been able to go to one in years! I hope you earn some dollar though, always nice to get something back from things you dont use anymore! I miss playing Sims! Need that back in my life. ha!

    Lovely post..I look forward to the car boot update next week!

    Rachel xx


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