What I've been reading...

So I thought I would share with you guys what I have been reading lately

"Time to say Goodbye"by Katie Flynn 

So this book I started reading back in July and honestly it took me about 2 weeks to finish which is a very long time for me. It follows three young girls who get evacuated to the countryside in the height of World War Two but it is set in two time periods but predominantly set within the 1940's but with a minor fast forward to the 60's where the main girl (in my opinion) Imogen intends to meet up with everybody 20 years after the war ended.

In all honesty it was not an amazing read. I found it quite slow to get where it was going and it just felt like a really rushed ending like it wasn't meant to end that way, or it just came out of nowhere, it just didn't seem to have any thought put into it at all and it just isn't the way I thought it should have ended. You can kind of tell I didn't really enjoy it that much either because it took me so long to read. If I enjoy a book I get absorbed and it only takes me a day or two to read. 

I suppose if I were giving this book a rating out of ten I would maybe give it a 5/10 it was still okay just not fantastic and I still enjoyed some of the characters. 

"The Night Circus' by Erin Morgenstern

This book takes you on what I can only describe as a magical ride with the Night Circus. It is predominantly set within the 1800's a time period where magicians and magic were new and intriguing and popular. You mainly follow the two main Characters Celia and Marco who have been unknowingly entered into a "Game" where there magical prowess is tested but their teachers/mentors or in the case of Celia her Father have taught them in completely different ways and what the "game" actually is, is more to do with them than the contestants themselves. 

Throughout the book you see the delights and wonders of the circus come to life, they made a cinnamon roll sound like something magical and amazing. If you want something to read that makes you feel good and happy and takes you to magical places then I think this is something you should read. It's also set in a time that I love as well and the clothing and costumes are something that sets your imagination on fire.  

This would definitely be a 10/10 from me. It's everything I want in a book, Romance, Magic and a lovely time period. It is one I'll be keeping! 

"The Giver" by Lois Lowry

So this book I brought simply because whilst watching the Teen choice awards I saw the movie trailer for it and thought that it looked interesting and I'm a great believer in reading the book before seeing the movie. It seems to go with the trend that's around at the moment set in the future sometime. The world is separated into different communities but they all live in "sameness". They do not have Birthdays, do not point out anything that is different about one another and they live in shades of grey. They do not know the history of the world and have no memories of things like Christmas or snow, or sunshine. They have a ceremony each year where each group of children become ONE's, TWO's so forth and so on up until TWELVE and when they become a twelve they are given their assignments. 

Jonas becomes "The Receiver" a most honoured positioned within the community and he must be given all of the worlds memories. The result of that is something I won't tell but it's actually quite good. This is definitely a book meant for teens to teach them about their uniqueness and how it is not something to squander and appreciate what we have. It's the first book of four and I intend to buy the remaining three just to find out what happens. 

I think I would give it maybe a 7/10 definitely worth a read :) 

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If you have any suggestions for books you think I might enjoy then please do let me know :) 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 


  1. I love dystopia's like The Giver! Any suggestions for great books to read would be appreciated, I'm looking for some good material for when I go on holiday xx


  2. I really want to read the night circus, that is what I will be reading next!


  3. I've heard quite a bit about the night circus and I'm definitely going to add it to my reading list and maybe the giver too.


  4. Have you ever heard of katytastic or Polandbananasbooks on youtube? Or Booksplosion on GoodReads? They're currently doing a discussion on The Night Circus on GoodReads and these two on youtube were looking at The Giver. If you like reading then I think you'd like these! I want to read Night Circus a LOT.


    1. Thanks for the Recommendation Katy I will definite check them out :) zozo

  5. I don't know if you have already read it, but "We bought a zoo" by benjamin mee is amazing and so touching!


  6. Great book reviews, Stacie. I know "The Giver" seems like the "trend" now. It is an older novel though, so actually it came before all the modern ones. Have you read the history of how Jeff Bridges always dreamed of making it into a movie? Quite interesting.

    Good blog post, as always!

  7. OH I LOVED The Night Circus - it's such a wonderful story, a magical, beautiful, ethereal read! I'll have to check out the other two - you clearly have great taste ;) Hehe


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