3rd time certainly wasn't the charm...

So guys I'm going to get right down to it. Yesterday at 8:53am I had my transplant call. I was informed that it would be quite a long day as it was still pretty early days but they just wanted to get me in to be ready. They had also called 4 other pre-transplant patients as back-ups for the organs incase one wasn't good enough for me. It just so happened that I knew the back-up for the double lung procedure as we are fellow PH patients and transplant patients and have known each other for a few years now and so that is where the story begins. 

I had all my specific people I needed to ring I rang my sister first because she had to go pick my mum up from work and bless her she didn't even get dressed out of her pyjamas don't worry though guys when she got to my house she borrowed one of my dresses. I called my mum at work and she basically just said by I'm going LOL. Next up was my older sister Candice who is the mediator between me and my Facebook as she has to stay home with her kids and then my Dad. Next I rang Bernice who was hard to get hold of because she was actually at clinic so being the smart old noggin I am I rang the clinic where a rather rude woman answered the phone who didn't seem to want to let me speak to her until I promised I would be on the phone for 1 minute. Then finally was Kath and Gina and we all seemed to get very excited. I think it was about 20-25minutes between me answering the initial phone call to being on our way. I think I forgot a lot of stuff, my toothbrush, one of my pumps and other silly little things. I think we just expected all calls to be in the nighttime so we just weren't prepared for a daytime call. 

It was a long drive about 2 and half hours which actually isn't that bad for getting to Papworth and I was quite excited for this one because it felt "different" compared to all the other ones.  When I got there I immediately got put on Mallard ward in a nice room with no other patients and I got to see Bernice pretty much straight away. We were both very excited as we thought "Finally!" I got to meet her granddad who I mistakenly thought was her dad thats a good thing though LOL. I then got to see the Co-ordinators who were dealing with the transplant that day they told me that I was the priority and that the transplant was mine all being good with the heart and lungs but just so I knew they had called in 4 other people as back-ups just in case to which I told them I knew that already as I knew one of the other patients which I think they found unusual. 

Honestly it was just a lot of waiting because there were a lot of delays with the donor hospital and they were waiting for operating theatres to let up and all that kind of thing. After getting ready and pepped talked into what was going to happen in the anaesthetic room at which point anxiety was building because I don't like arterial bloods done let alone an arterial line but lucky for me I text Kath and Bernice and they both told me they hadn't remembered that part so that calmed me down a bit. This was at about 8:05pm. At about 8:45 the transplant co-ordinator came in with a shake of the head and said "I'm so sorry it's not going to happen" I honestly felt my heart drop! I shouted and cried which I think was the anxiety leaving my body to be honest but I was just SO angry and then she proceeded to tell us that the heart had coronary artery disease that wasn't visible in the all the other tests they had done throughout the day. She apologised profusely because the kind of wait time we had isn't normal and was definitely unforeseen. I had to wait a further hour and half for transport to get home but had definitely calmed down a bit by then.

The lungs that were still okay went to Hazel my fellow Pher and transplant awaitee unfortunately we found out from Hazel's husband that Hazel died this morning from uncontrollable blood loss. A very sad ending to a horrific 24 hours it is definitely going to take a long while to recover from this one :( 

I did take some pictures throughout the day and thought you might like to see them...

Excited ambulance journey going to Papworth
Me and my bestie Bernice
Bored Peggy and I 
Another me and Megan bored one
Waiting to go home
As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 


  1. So sorry, Stacie. What a horrible thing to have happen. At least you are better safe than sorry, but still very annoying. Lots of love! xxx

  2. So sorry for such a difficult day. I can't begin to imagine how difficult it
    must be, and then to lose a friend. At least you can be assured that the
    surgeons are thoroughly checking the organs before using them- some piece of
    mind I suppose.

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend

    Miss Tulip x

  3. My thoughts are with you xx

  4. Thinking of you xx so good you share your story xx thinking of Hazel and her family xx Lots of kind thoughts sent your way . My daughter Leah was a donor in 2012 her recipients continue to do well xx

  5. So sorry sweetheart! lots and lots of love sent too you <3

  6. You poor thing. How awful to raise your hopes and have them dashed at the last minute. Can I ask, is the lady who died Hazel Roberts? I follow her blog avidly as I do yours. If you could let me know please. x

  7. Hi Kay! I'm so sorry you had to find out through my blog but yes sadly it was Hazel. I'm not sure her husband or sons will update her blog but they let all of us know yesterday via Facebook. I'm so sorry xoxo

  8. Thank you Heather xoxo

  9. HI Mandy! Thank-you so much! I'm so sorry for your loss, I'm pleased to hear that the recipients are doing well :) xoxo

  10. I'm definitely trying to take the positives from the experience although that is certainly proving difficult. It'll just take some time I think. Thank-you Jenni :) xoxo

  11. Thank-you Anna :D xoxo

  12. Oh Stacie I'm so sorry to hear it didn't work out, and that your friend lost her life in the process.. sounds like an awful day and so close to getting what you want finally. All I can say is well done for being so brave, massive respect and love to you!!x

  13. Aww Stacey I'm so sorry it wasn't the day for it to happen :( I read your blog all the time and my heart jumped for you when I thought I'd seen that you were having you transplant. If only positive thoughts and pure will power was enough to make things happen for you :( you are in my thoughts xx

  14. Thank-you Katie!!!! xoxo

  15. I think if that was enough it would have happen quite a while a go LOL. But it will get me through it when it eventually happens :D. Thank-you xoxo

  16. Thank-you Clair xoxo


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