Alton Towers getaway...

This weekend my little nephew turned FOUR which is insane in itself. I brought him transformers toys which he really wanted and seemed to really enjoy, he had a little super hero party were he was supposed to be batman but kids being kids he kept the outfit on for about 10 minutes and took it off. Little spencer got to be Hulk he wasn't fond of the wig bless him but looked SO cute in his outfit. 

On Monday Megan, Candice, Warren, Jaydon, Spencer and I all headed off to Alton Towers for a little surprise for Jaydon's birthday. We all stayed in the Splash landing hotel which is clearly aimed entirely for kids it kind of reminded me of Neverland from the "Hook" movie, you know the one with Robin Williams in? We left at stupid o'clock aka 5:30 on Monday morning and got to the Hotel for about 9:15ish and got straight to the fun. IT was obviously mainly for Jaydon and Spencer so we headed straight to the CBeebies land part of the park. I think Jaydon entered his version of heaven bless his little heart. 

WE spent most of the Monday in the CBeebies part of the park and did a few other things on the rest of the park like Pirate ships and Water rapids which I could actually do (YEY) and then the Tuesday we made our way round to the big rides for Meggy and Warren, they did a bunch; the smiler, Oblivian, Air and bunch others that I don't know the name of but because of my issues and Candy being pregnant we couldn't do them but it was so funny watching Meg she can't help but scream. 

Me and meg left about 1pm on Tuesday and left Candy, Warren and the boys to do some more CBeebies land and the aquarium we had so much fun though! Honestly I wouldn't say the place is the most disabled friendly place on the planet even if you are in a wheelchair the hills are insane and I feel so bad for Meg and Warren for having to push me up and down them but they had a nice workout LOL. I will definitely be going back there after my transplant :)   

Photos are either off of my camera or from my sister Candice :)
Hotel Lobby
Hotel Lobby
Hotel Lobby
Splash park in the Hotel
Jaydon in his bunk bed  in his hotel room that he loved!!
Hotel Lobby
Warren and Meggy on Air
Jaydon enjoying a ride
Cute Family pic on the "Night Garden" boat ride
Tired Jaydude 
Happy Spencer!
As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 

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  1. Aww! Looks like you had a fab time! Great photos! That hotel looks awesome!

    Happy birthday to your nephew! Such a cutie! x


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