Car Boot Sale + Vlog...

So on Sunday we went to a Car Boot Sale. OMG I haven't been to a car boot sale in so long and I was extremely nervous to be selling stuff, it's a bit weird to have people rummaging through your unwanted things. It was definitely a learning experience, because me and Candy didn't know whether you were supposed to price things so we did thinking people would see them as guidelines and then people would haggle if they really wanted them but it seemed to deter people so after about a hour we removed the pricing we had put on everything and then people seemed to be much more comfortable haggling and suggesting pricing.

I only made about £45 which isn't too bad but it wasn't too busy and there wasn't very many old people which was my target audience for my books but the audience just wasn't their for my things today. Car Boots are kind of a hit and miss thing if the right type of people aren't there to buy your things you aren't going to sell anything. So it would seem that the people today just weren't very literary base people. Candy managed to get rid of quite a lot of her kiddies clothes and toys and we had a lot of stuff, seriously.

What we learned today was that if you are going to take kids clothes to a car boot you really need  a rail as that seems to attract people more than having it laid out. We also learned that people want something for nothing and even when you're selling a £40 bag that has been used maybe twice some people will think £2 is an appropriate price for it. No thank-you! The good thing for us was it's not like we were absolutely desperate to get rid of everything so some of the things we could afford to say no if someone was just being unreasonable with the pricing.

It was fun though and I really recommend people doing it if you have stuff that you just don't use anymore. My advice though; try not to get a spot opposite a really annoying person who constantly shouts "Everything is cheap! Really cheap! As cheap as my Ex Wife!" After an hour of that continuous monologue I think we all understood that his 'Ex Wife was cheap.'

I also met a woman today who was wondering why I was wearing my oxygen and I told her about my PH and the fact that I'm waiting for a Heart and Double Lung transplant and it just so happened that her husband is waiting for a a Double lung transplant and is at Harefield hospital. It was really nice to talk to her, it's such a small world sometimes.

I also did a vlog on the day which is here after going through the footage I didn't actually film that much of the actual car boot but here it is for you anyway :)

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 


  1. I so can't wait until I'm driving and able to do a boot sale :) I love a good boot sale!
    wow that's all you need when you get out of bed that early to have someone chanting about his cheap ex wife!


  2. I wasn't on any car boot sale, but it looks so fun! x

    Love,Sara Wallflower


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