Hello September...

I'm about to be one of those annoying people that goes "How is it seriously September already?" we are 3 quarters of the way through the year, what? I have a good feeling about September though I don't know why, probably because it's my nephews birthday and we are off to Alton Towers for that and it's my friend Rosie's birthday and I will hopefully get to see her too. I've just got a good feeling about it. 

September means that autumn is on the way which is beyond amazing! X factor is now on as is Doctor Who and Downton Abbey will be returning and Strictly Come Dancing will be starting again soon. Yes I am one of those sad people who watches all of these, it's kind of tradition in my house. This all means that Christmas is on the way too and it's kind of okay to start Christmas shopping (but between me and you I may have started this a while ago, Shhhh). I've seen that the Burgundy purple is back in fashion and I love that colour so I will be buying lots of stuff in that particular colour. 

Let me know what you are getting up to in September and whether there is anything I should get up to as my calendar is fairly free. 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 

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