Hopeful Heart...

Today is just going to be a chatty blog I haven't done one in a while. 

I haven't been feeling too great recently just really dizzy and lightheaded a lot and I'm just really tired a lot of the time at the moment. I rang my hospital to see what they thought about the lightheadedness and dizziness and they think I might need to up my Flolan some more but I have a Hammersmith clinic appointment soon so they'll see me then and decide. 

Since I've been feeling a bit off colour, if you will, I have been spending a fair bit of time in my bedroom and I have been on Netflix a lot and have found a programme which I have fallen in love with. It's called "Continuum" it is so good. It's about the future or the year 2077 to be more precise and a group of 'rebels' are sentenced to die. During the execution they all have a piece of a time travelling device each that they throw into the energy that is about to kill them and it sends them back to the year 2012. Lots of secrets are revealed and lots of things unfold from that point on and it's just a really intriguing programme and sometimes you wonder who you support throughout the programme. 

Today I received a necklace which I ordered back in July and I'm so happy it finally came. It's made from something that reacts to UV rays (I think, don't quote me) and it ends up this beautiful blue colour. I love anything heart shaped and it has this beautiful floral design too and it's just a lovely trinket for me to have.  

This week I also did an interview with my local newspaper "The Swindon Advertiser" with a lovely girl called Emma who I have met several times in the past it was like seeing an old friend. I'm not entirely sure whether I'll be posting that interview up or anything because I think I will potentially look horrendous in the pictures they took as I didn't really know they were taking the photos that day. My own fault really LOL. A question Emma asked me was "Am I still hopeful that I'll get my transplant?" Surprisingly I answered "Yes." It's a hard question for those of us waiting I would think, but speaking from personal experience that question has a stream of different answers depending on when you ask it. At the moment I am still hopeful because I am fairly stable and not experiencing horrific side affects from my meds or my general condition itself. I am not in pain is probably what I am saying. However if you had asked me before I had my 3rd line put in I would have said I wasn't hopeful at all, I felt weird and unusual and not myself at all, sick all of the time, I just felt awful and that affected my "hopefulness" towards me getting my transplant. It's nice that I am still hopeful, if you had asked me when I was first put on the transplant list whether I would still be hopeful 2 years 4 and half months on I am sure I would have said no, so it is just nice to know that I'm still strong willed enough to still be hopeful.     
Finally a few days ago I got to see something that I took part in several months ago. A girl called Anna needed people with different involvement in organ donation so nurses, patients, donor families etc. So she interviewed me for a film she was making for her dissertation and here it is for all of you guys to see too. I personally think she did a wonderful job https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzfCVJ1RD80
In the next few weeks I'm going to start doing my Uni work in preparation for when it officially starts in October, I feel like I really need to get a head start on it, I'm just not really looking forward to all the textbook reading that is going to be involved. 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 

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  1. I love continuum, im just waiting for the next series to come back on tv =]


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