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I'm so excited to share with you the Make-up bag I got the other day. One of my favourite Bloggers and Vloggers Hannah Maggs brought out her own range of make-up bags and I really wanted one so much but had to wait because most of them were out of stock but then I was finally able to get one and it's my absolute favourite out of the entire range. My one is called "The Fair one" and I really think the name suits the bag.

I'm one of those naughty people who generally just throws her makeup into her bag because I've never been able to find a small enough bag to go in my handbag without it being too small and all my other make-up bags are massive and are more for travelling. I'm sure I'm the only person who is this fussy about the size of her make-up bag. But Hannah's make-up bags are the perfect size for your handbag.

You can also tell that she has put so much thought and effort in to having them produced, beautiful fabric really cute packaging with a lovely personalised handwritten tag which was so cute. I'm a sucker for anything that doesn't seem completely mass produced and I can just feel the love and effort that Hannah has put into them.

The make-up bag was £24.99 which I think is completely reasonable for what you're getting. I'm so impressed with it and I believe it is so worth it. I'm now debating buying the "Beloved London" bag as well because that one just looks beautiful. I wish I had the money to spare at the moment, hopefully I will next month.

If you are interested in checking out Hannah's various internet spaces you can check out her blog here  or her youtube channel here, where she does weekly vlogs which I love! Or if you would be interested to see the other make-up bags that Hannah has to offer go check out her store here and have a look.

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 


  1. I love Hannah's videos and posts too! I can't wait to buy a bag, either 'Beloved London' or 'The Faithful Few' <3 xx


  2. I could easily buy pretty much all of them if I had the money LOL xoxo

  3. This is gorgeous. I have about 5 make up bags though so I really can't justify another :P


    Water Painted Dreams xo


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