Pointless yet rewarding...

Hello my lovely lot

Today, being Friday the 12th of September, I had my Papworth clinic appointment. For those not in the know that is my pre-transplant clinic where they just check to see everything is all good with me and they take some more detailed bloods than my normal GP do. 

Honestly today was slightly ridiculous on the clinic front I was literally there for all of 10 minutes I spent longer talking to my friends Kath and Rob than I did actually doing the hospital bit. I know they have to have us come in every 3 months it was all part of the contract I signed when I agreed to have a transplant but honestly 6 hours in a car just to have some bloods and talk to a doctor for all of 5 minutes. Does that not seem pointless to anyone else but me? 

One good thing was that my Doctor did say after they last saw me they had the surgeons review my CT scans, X-rays and echo's and they have all finally agreed with me (Because I'm always right don't cha know ;-) ) that just doing a double lung transplant is not an option for me, there is a minimum of 5 things wrong with my heart that would pose very dangerous problems in that scenario and I would very unlikely survive that situation. Told you I was right ;-). In all seriousness though I understand why they tried to find an alternative route to go down because at the time I was pretty unstable and they just wanted to give me a better chance at getting a second chance at life. I did what I always do though I soldiered on and I'm much more stable now and they seem much more happy to carry on waiting now that my body has pulled its act together. So although a exceedingly boring clinic still positive. 

Afterwards I got to see two of my favourite people in the entire world Kath and Rob who were at Papworth for a patient meeting thing about the new hospital Papworth are planning on building, which is super exciting. I got to give Kath some flowers for her upcoming "1 year transplant anniversary" which has honestly just flown by! I also got to see a lovely lady who I have been Facebook friends and twitter friends with for quite some time which was lovely too. It's always nice to see people that you only ever talk to on social networks it actually makes them feel real LOL. 

Lets hope for yet another stable 3 months or even better my transplant call ;-) 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 

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