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Hello my lovely lot, [WARNING PHOTO HEAVY BLOG] 

Yesterday was the day that us bloggers had been waiting for and it was the day of the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014. I had decided since I was going to be in London I could lave a bit earlier and visit my friend Maxine who I mentioned last week (she had, had her Liver transplant). Kings college hospital isn't far from the OXO tower so it was totally doable. 

The day however started off not to plan. Candice and I caught the 1:55pm train to London however the train wasn't going anywhere. all trains had been called to a stand still going into London Paddington because someone had jumped in front of the train "Great." I suppose it was a good thing we left early because all trains after that were being cancelled and massively delayed so there was the positive, at least we were on a train and it was going to move at some point so we knew we were going to at least make it to the Blog awards at the very least I was sad though that I might not get to see Maxine which I really really wanted too! Luckily after been at a stand still for about an hour we started to move, we then had a further minor stop at Didcot and then luckily we were able to go through Reading with no issues (yay). There were a lot of very disgruntled passengers though as a train that was behind us got put onto our train and they were people that had already been on the train  for hours. I personally don't understand why someone would want to kill themselves by jumping in front of a train, I can think of a lot more better ways to kill myself especially when it was apparently just out of Paddington station the trains aren't moving very fast at that point it seems like a really unnecessarily painful way to die :-/ and you would inconveniencing hundreds of other people in the process. 

Anywho we made it into Paddington at about 4:20 which meant I could still see Maxine even if it was a fleeting visit. I got to see her for about an hour and it was so lovely to finally meet her and see how amazing she is doing. Maxine is someone I met on twitter and she has always been SO lovely and someone that has been on 'my list of people I have to meet' and I finally got to and it makes me so happy. It is so hard waiting for transplant you "meet" people online and make friends with them but the problem is a lot of them either live further a field than you can feasibly go or you're just to ill to go and see them so yesterday was definitely a opportunity that I had to take advantage of and I'm so, so happy I did because Maxine is equally as lovely in person. Hopefully I didn't disappoint her with my real life self LOL. I also got to meet her Boyfriend Josh and her mum and dad and they were all so lovely too just such nice people!  

So I got to spend about an hour with Maxine which was much less time than I would have liked but I won't moan at least I got some time. Candice and I then made our way to the OXO tower which is where the Cosmo Blog Awards was being held again. It looked lovely once again, much whiter than last year but I liked that look. There were a few differences they didn't have a Photo Booth this year which I was super sad about but the way they did the actual awards bit was SO much better! We were all sat down and it was much more formal than last year. They had some cool things though, you could have your eyelashes done which Candy did, nails done, hair done, make-up done, glitter tattoos which I did, make your own cupcake which we both did and obviously they had their free bar which unfortunately me and Candice couldn't really take advantage of because I can't drink and Candice is Pregnant but the free soft drinks were definitely appreciated :-D. 

I didn't actually win or anything but I never expected too I was up against people who are amazing bloggers and my blog probably isn't diverse enough to win so I knew when we went that it wasn't going to happen. Getting shortlisted out of 47,000 blogs is amazing though and I am so honoured to have even be picked for the shortlist I certainly didn't expect it two years in a row. I did however get to see my Blogger friend Megan who writes the Blog Thumbelina Lillie get Highly commended in her category which was "Best Beauty blog". I was so proud of her because I know how hard she works on her blog and how much effort she has put in over the past year to make her blog even more amazing so I'm so pleased to see she finally got that kind of recognition. 

Overall a great night I got finally meet fellow bloggers whom I have spoken to over twitter and got to add another experience on to my life list. Thank-you to all of you who nominated and voted for me it means so much to me and I love you guys always!

Just as a side note as well, I have accepted the fact that I will never be as small or skinny as all these beautiful beauty and fashion bloggers so this year I was more comfortable having photos with them this year having embraced my larger size :-D

In the photos Me, Candice, Megan [Thumbelina Lillie], Kim [Love Cloth], Faye [Fayes Fix], Sophia [Sophia Meola] and Tash [It's simply beauty]

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 

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