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I have a slight confession. I've not been totally honest with you as of late. If you've been paying attention to my past few blogs you'll notice that I haven't mentioned how I am or how I am "really" doing and thats because I haven't been that great. In real life when I see people I have literally been saying "I'm okay" and swiftly moving on and asking how they are before they can ask how I really am and thats the very few people I've seen lately. 

The honest answer to how have I been? is well, not that great. At the moment I am constantly exhausted getting out of bed is not really happening and as fun as that sounds to a normal person it's really not. The weather has made it a bit easier to stay in bed as it's that amazing rainy weather that I adore so much, I wish I could wrap up warm though and go walking around in it though, that is something I miss SO much.  Along with that I'm finding it really hard to get off of my oxygen for any extended period of time I think the longest lately has been about 3 hours. Bra's are a absolute no go at the moment if you're from the UK and have been in a hospital or a GP in the last few years you will have seen that picture of the man with a belt around his chest making him look deformed, and what it's actually doing is signifying chest pain and making people 'aware' of it, well that is what bra's are like for me at the moment. I can maybe tolerate them for about a hour but thats it. Finally I have also been constantly lightheaded and dizzy and that has been going on for a while now and it feels like I'm on a boat all of the time and it makes me very uneasy on my feet and it happens when I'm sitting down, lying down, anything. It's not been very fun lately. 

So yesterday I rang Papworth to give them my monthly update thing and I was telling the receptionist all of the above and she thought it sounded dodgy and therefore put me through to one of the transplant co-ordinators and she agreed and wasn't happy with how it all sounded together. I was made to ring Hammersmith who are attempting to find me an appointment for the next few weeks but made me book a emergency appointment with my GP. I got the new GP who was lovely I was thoroughly impressed. She gave me a good going over and my line and all of that looked fine but my right ear has an infection which could be the source of the dizziness and lightheadedness, and I'm praying it is because if it isn't it means my PH is getting worse. Then she moved onto my lungs and asked me how my chest was normally and I told her how recently it has been feeling like my lungs are scrapping my ribcage just under my boobs and that is apparently because I have a infection in the bottom part of my lungs which will hopefully be the source of my exhaustion and heightened need for oxygen. She heard something in my heart but isn't sure whether that has to do with something thats in my heart. I'm sure Hammersmith will be able to sort that out though as they are a bit more aware of my heart stuff. Overall though my experience with my GP was really good! I may have to make her my full time GP because I really liked the way she dealt with it and asked loads of questions and did a bit of research. I'm normally very anxious going to the GP but she made me feel really good about being there. 

So I've now got a spray for my ear and antibiotics for my lungs and hopefully I'll be back on form (or at least Stacie form) soon. Today is INR and Flu Jab day so at least I'll be getting out of my bed :)      

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 

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