It appears I seem to have neglected you this week and I am very sorry for that guys. I however have been attempting, and I say attempt because thats exactly what it was, to write my first essay for my uni module this week. This week has just reaffirmed what an amazing procrastinator I am, if only it was a life skill people looked for because I'm your gal if you're looking for a First Class procrastinator. Since last Friday I was trying to get this essay done and it was only in the last 2 days that it actually happened I had started a series on Netflix and I kept saying to myself "it's okay write it after this season is finished" and I say season because that's another one of my useless life skills that I'm particularly amazing at and that's being able to watch an entire season of a programme in a day depending on how long the season is obviously. Then I'd want to catch up on my Youtube subscriptions and then catch up on my recorded stuff on my Sky +... any way you get the picture. I got it done though guys it was hard because it was source analysis and unless it's a picture source I'm not that great at source analysis. Hopefully I did okay though. 

Also in the last week as well, I have been fighting my exhaustion which I think is a bit better at the moment, my dizziness and lightheadedness seems to have disappeared for now which is great and think we can definitely put that little blip down to my ear infection although I do now have an infection in my left ear whereas it was in my right ear last week. I do still have infection in my lungs which is probably the cause of my current breathlessness and tiredness and I have stronger antibiotics for that now which will hopefully shift it. All of that being said I currently have a weird heart rhythm thing going on which comes and goes, it's annoying more than anything but I'm being sent to have a ECG at my local GP and then tomorrow I will be having an X-ray as well so it's all lovely and fun on the health front at the moment. Luckily it's nothing to drastic just annoying little things that seem to take up way more time than they need to. I managed to get my flu jab eventually as well which I was super chuffed about because I'm always scared that the one year I'm late getting it done, that will be the year I get the flu and I really am not sure how my body would cope with that kind of attack lol.

Anyway I will say bye fore now and I hope you are all well in your lives 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 

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