The worst time management...

Hello my lovelies 

So today my next and final module of my history degree begins. I'm a bit worried about it if I'm honest, I am the worst time keeper when it comes to managing my time for school work which is surprising considering I'm someone that has to be stupidly early for everything and hates being late so you would think I would be better at being able to designate a particular time for doing work. I think a few things contribute to my very poor time managing skills 1. I am a grade A procrastinator; I can make a Pinterest session last hours, youtube likewise and a 20 minute study break can turn into 2 hours. 2. I sleep a lot; Obviously due to  my health sleep is important and can cure many a woe, migraine, chest pain etc. but also the procrastinator within rears it's ugly head in this regard too, a extra 15minutes in bed can turn into 4 hours and then afternoon naps seem almost mandatory. As you can see there are only so many hours in a day and I can fill them with simple sleep and procrastination.

So the next few weeks are going to be me basically trying to learn how to time manage and not be in that situation that I always find myself in 24 hours before a essay is due and not having written a word. This module is also a lot harder than my previous module as it has a lot of extra reading in it and not the fun reading that I love the reading through really old documents trying to decipher what some old bloke meant when he said something completely meaningless. So reading for fun is complete out of the window for a while [sad face]. 

I'm looking forward to getting this module done I feel like this whole degree thing has take so long but maybe thats because it kind of coincides with the whole transplant thing I started my degree in February 2011 and the whole transplant thing started in May 2011 even though I didn't get put on the list till April 2012 but that just seems to have taken SO long. Everything seems to just be taking a very long time is what I am trying to say.  

Anyway enough moaning about my severe lack of time management skills, I'm going to try and get proactive about it and designate maybe 5ish hours a day towards it that gives me 3 hours of directed study time and 2 hours of independent study aka. extra reading. Only 5 days a week though I'll give myself 2 days off and hopefully that will be enough. 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 


  1. Good luck! Sounds like you have a plan to get on top of it!!

  2. Good luck! I've just started one of my last uni terms too and it's absolutely crazy with the amount of work we've got to do. I hope you get through all your old documents with your sanity intact, mine is beginning to slip! xxx
    Lucy @ la-lingua.blogspot.com

  3. Ahaha I'm a procrastinator myself and wow.. what am I even still doing on this computer. I actually really love your blog and you have a new follower! xx

    The Life of Little

  4. Hopefully Kim :) xoxo

  5. Haha thanks Lucy I certainly hope some sanity remains at the end of it :-D I hope yours does too :) I find tea helps ;) xoxo

  6. Aww Thanks M! Well I'll certainly be checking out your blog :) xoxo

  7. Good luck! I'm honestly a (really bad) procrastinator too...

    Just followed!



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