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I have very little to write about at the moment. November has and always seems to be quite a boring month for me generally it never holds much of anything interesting for me. There're no birthdays of friends or family in it and the only seemingly interesting thing in November is the 5th aka Fireworks night which I didn't do anything for. So basically I'm just apologising for the lack of blogs so far this month. November in my household is just the month that comes before the big event and in my opinion just adds 30 unnecessary extra days before I can celebrate December. I do however understand that there will be those who have yet to even start their Christmas shopping (naughty) and need these days but for me they are in the way.  

I am getting very excited for December though as you can probably tell if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, it is wholeheartedly my favourite time of the year, whatever the weather you will more than likely see a smile upon my face throughout it. This year I am most excited for my advent calendars, yes I did use a pleural there. I have 3 potentially 4 I'm not to sure right now whether I will end up getting the 4th. I have your classic chocolate one, this year I have gone for a Malteser one. I'm not sure if Malteser's are a British thing but if you don't know what they are they are really good and google them I'm not entirely sure how to describe the middle of them. Second I got a lego one the girl version which I'm super excited about it's getting interactive with the calendar which I love. Thirdly I have a Benefit Calendar which I proudly say as I managed to get one before they sold out and the reason I'm proud is because I literally woke up like 10 minutes before they went on sale and could have totally forgotten. I really want a picture one as well as that's what i grew up with so I may give in and buy one because that will just be for the nostalgia. I'll probably do a Blogpost on these closer to December or if I decide to do Blogmas/Vlogmas I may do it for then. 

I can honestly say this break from Facebook is doing me the world of good, I think I have only been on it twice since I decided to not be on it and that was because someone mentioned me in a comment and an email got sent to me about it. I feel like I'm getting myself back. I haven't disappeared from the world entirely because I still post on Instagram and Twitter regularly but with them I feel like there is a lot less to get sucked into if that makes sense. I just follow fellow bloggers and famous people mostly on Twitter and Instagram seems a lot less emotion filled I just get to see peoples meals and Starbucks and seemingly happy moments of their lives at a party or something and selfies. It's not so heavy which I really appreciate at the moment. 

I got to see one of my Besties Rosie this evening and we tried out a new place that just opened in our town. I haven't seen Rosie for about 3 months, but she lives in Chelmsford (Chelmsford being in the South East of England and I live in the South West) and she has started a new job just after I last saw her which she is really loving and I am so happy she has found a job that she loves! Being an adult is hard sometimes you can't see people whenever you want to you just have to enjoy the moments you do have with those people. We had a massive catch-up and I finally got to give her, her Birthday present and card which she already knew about as I had to make sure she had the day off and Me, Megan, Rosie, Gina and Bernice are all going to Harry Potter Studios in December just before mine and Meg's birthday which I am so excited about. Rosie got very excited for her card though which I actually brought I think it must have been February-ish but when I saw it I had to buy it because it had a guinea pig having a birthday party on it (Rosie has 2 guinea pigs and they are like her babies). I just love someone who can appreciate a good card because I actually do go to so much effort when I buy a card.     

I do realise I said I didn't have much to speak about and have seemed to ramble on for quite some time Oops.  

I hope you are all having a fantastic November thus far and are looking forward to December as much as I am. 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 

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