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I want to write a super interesting post for you guys but I'm afraid I can't. Life has been lovely and boring, I have been doing uni work, drinking tea (decaf) and hot chocolate, watching netflix and lots and lots of Christmas movies. Life doesn't get any more delightfully boring than that does it?

I have been working on my Blogmas posts which I'm super excited to share with you all, some I can't write because they'll be about what I'm doing throughout December but the ones I can write are basically done. This weekend I basically forced my mum to watch all the Christmas movies I wanted to watch because I had just written a Blogmas post which put me right in the mood for Christmasy goodness thankfully my mum loves christmas movies as much as I do and therefore it wasn't so much force as it was just asking her. 

I feel like I get so into Christmas because I have the time to really get into it, does that make sense to anyone else. I tend to think people who have jobs and very busy lifestyles probably just don't have time to get excited about it and it just feels like a ticking time bomb for them whereas I'm just willing the days to go faster so I can enjoy my December. It probably doesn't help that mine and Megan's Birthday is in December and I feel like this year I'm more excited because, my mum, sisters and I are all going to see Michael BublĂ© in Birmingham on the 2nd and then on the 13th all of my best friends will finally be together in my favourite place ever, Harry Potter Studios. It just feels like it's a lot more exciting that it was last year for some reason and I LOVE IT!  

I hope wherever you are you are having delightfully boring or wonderfully exciting lives, whichever you prefer. 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 
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