Good things come to those who wait?

Good things come to those who wait? Do they?

I've honestly never really understood this expression and it's why I never say it to anyone. I think what it means is, is good things come to those who preserver because I'm pretty certain multi million pound industries didn't get to be successful by just waiting, but what I mean is Good things don't always come to those who wait. If you do nothing how can you expect anything good to happen if you did nothing towards it? 

In my scenario and countless others there are people who are waiting just like me and once again 1 in 3 of us die, I certainly don't consider that to be a good outcome to all the waiting that person did. I understand why people say this saying to me though because they believe that I'll get my call and that all this waiting will have been worth it. Waiting does make you a lot tougher, it make some things just seem minuscule compared to this one thing in your life that encompasses every other thing. I do however have to say the one bad thing about it is that it makes you more cynical, and a bit mean. I read through peoples tweets and Facebook status's and you should hear some of the things that run through my mind about some of the "problems" I see but because I have manners and am polite I don't say anything. This was one of the contributing factors to why I had to take a break from Facebook because it's not right for me to think those things or think like that because no matter what people's problems are, no matter how big of small they are, they are probably something that feels like a massive problem to them and why shouldn't it? I think at times I just have to remind myself that there're people far worse of than I am if you think about it. There are people dying in far less comfort than I am, who don't have access to the medicines I do, people who are homeless & starving to name but a few and I must count myself lucky and try to look at the bigger picture more often.  

I like to think my transplant will happen because I'm a very strong willed person, I'm someone who preservers through most things I suppose the saying "Nothing worth having comes easy" would probably apply to this situation more than "Good things come to those who wait." Maybe that will be true because maybe if I had, had my transplant sooner say in the early days of waiting I wouldn't have been able to appreciate what it will hopefully be like to have the organs I need. So hopefully all this waiting and the experiences that have happened because of this waiting will have made me a much stronger and appreciative person for it. Although I think 943 days may be taking it a bit far LOL I really don't want to reach 1000 days I think the 900's is good ;-)

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 
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