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Hello my beautifuls, 

Today you are dealing with a much happier Stacie, my Facebook hiatus seems to be doing the trick and my Phone battery seems to be appreciating it to. 

Since my last blog a few things have happened. My dad got taken into hospital which was weird, I've never actually had to see my dad in hospital before and it is very strange seeing any of my family members in hospital if it isn't me so it was new one on me. I'm sure my dad wouldn't want me telling the world what his medical issues are so I won't but the doctors are sorting it he should be having a operation at some point and hopefully that will sort everything for him. 

Also on Saturday it was Bernice's "Live Life Give Life" party which I was most excited for. The theme this year for the Live Life Give Life campaign was "The Day of the Living" which I thought was super clever putting a spin on the Mexican celebration of the The Day of the Dead. When Bernice decided to throw a party to raise money I was determined I had to go so Meg made sure she got the day off and we did the just over 3 hour journey to Bernice's Home town. 

I got very excited for the party and brought a dress from very.co.uk which I surprisingly fell in love with and personally think I'll be wearing it again come Christmas time. Coming to the party were a lot of Bernice's family and transplant people whom I have known for a while but haven't actually met. Obviously there was Bernice and Kath who I have met and you all know they are my favourite people ever. But then there was Emily and Laura who had there double lung transplants around the same time Bernice did but they had theirs on the same day as each other. They were both the loveliest girls just as I had expected they would be. Emily also brought her husband David who was really lovely also. I got to meet a lady called Sally who I didn't know was going but she has the heart to Bernice's lungs which was amazing and she was so nice and it was so lovely to be able to speak with her. 

I got to meet lots of Bernice's family which was awesome and Bernice's Boyfriend as well and they were all just so nice and welcoming and I honestly was just so happy to be there and celebrate with them all. I think the best part of the evening for Megan was the raffle we had brought ten strips of raffle tickets and Megan was getting all prepared with our tickets and I was there going "What are you doing? We never win anything" but Megan was determined we were and low and behold we won three things. We won a Sugar Skull money box, a bunch of chocolate and a cake which was made by Bernice's mum who actually makes cakes. We were super chuffed and me Meg were so happy to win anything. Megan handed out a lot of the cake as it was a 3 tier cake and there was no way me and my family were going to be able to eat the whole thing. My parents both tried it when we got home and they were raving about it for like half and hour straight, it was really amazing though!

All in all it was such a good evening spent with some really wonderful people. Kath, Rob and I got to have a good old catch up as it's the first time I've seen them since my false alarm so we were having a good old natter about that and in the past week Kath was on a panel for a "Woman at Home" event sharing her story whilst also raising tonnes of awareness for PH and organ donation, she's just written a blog on it so go and check that out I'm sure you will come away inspired! Kath's Blog

Bernice actually raised a whooping £547.89 last night and I am honestly just SO proud of her, bless her heart it stressed her out but she persevered and it massively paid off. Such a Proud Best friend right here. If you guys want to check out The Live Life Give Life charity page please do, the link is always on my "Related Pages" page. 

Here are some of the pictures from last night I hope you enjoy:-

Bernice, Me and Laura
Emily, David and Laura
Photo frame :D 
Scott and Bernice
Raffle goodies!!! 
Laura, Emily, Bernice, Me, Kath and Sally :D 

Thank-you guys for all the love as as always chat soon :)


  1. I love the dress, Stacie! I'm normally not a huge sequin person, but I love this. It's almost like a casual cut, but the sparkles add something extra to it.

    I am so sorry about your father. I hope he feels better soon. xx

  2. Lovely post, your dress looks stunning. Wishing all the best for your dad <3


  3. Thank-you Anna, I'm not a massive sequin person either but I thought I would take a leap of faith and try it out and was so surprised!

    Thank-you hopefully he'll be on the mend soon, hospitals just like to take their time organising things as we have come to learn lol xoxo

  4. Thank-you Abigail :D xoxo


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