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So I am currently running on no sleep I have just written a 2000 word essay that I accidentally wrote 3500 words for and had to dramatically reduce the word count so I have no idea how well I did because I feel like I had to cut out crucial things but there were even more crucial things that needed to be in there... any who... woe is me and all that.

Now that's done though I can now focus on my remaining Blogmas posts I'm a few posts short so I need to do some brainstorming. Candice and I may have come up with some ideas which will require her help but I think would be really good to do for Blogmas. 

This weekend is prep weekend. If you don't know what I mean by prep weekend I mean Christmas prep. Every year I do a massive in depth clean, clear out and sort of my bedroom. So for Christmas I know I'll be getting socks and underwear and various creams etc. for my birthday and Christmas so I go through all my socks, underwear, clothes and make-up to see what I can throw away, see if any make-up and creams I have are out of date, what I can donate to charity and just have things be put back in a general order and back in their places. I like to be able to make room for stuff I may get especially because I have both my birthday and Christmas so it just makes my life easier when they arrive and I'm not surrounded by stuff for too long because I should be able to easily find a place for it. It means you aren't covering a cluttered and unclean room with Christmas decorations as well.

I don't know is this a weird thing to do? am I the only person who does this? I see it as a spring clean but just a Winter clean :D 

I'm getting so excited that Blogmas starts on Monday I hope you guys are too and that means Christmas will only be 25days away. This year went SO unbelievably fast. I'm not even sure what happened in it, it went that fast but as my parents say the years get quicker the older you get.  How sad is that? When you are younger all you wish for is for the days to hurry up and then when you get older you would do anything for them to slow down a little.  

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 
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  1. I was planning on doing a winter clean this weekend. I doubt that you're in a minority ;) My gran's health is getting worse so I'm visiting her for the weekend, because I want to see her as much as possible you know.


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