BLOGMAS DAY 1 || The Countdown Begins...

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So Today is Day ONE of Blogmas and I thought to get the excitement going I would start with something that I have every year and always get very excited for and that would be advent calendars! 
In my many years of being alive advent calendars have evolved and gotten very posh over the years. As very small children me and my sisters used to get Picture advent calendars which we always loved and still do love as we got older that evolved into a chocolate and a picture calendar and that leads me onto what I have today. This year I have four advent calendars. Now normally I don't have four calendars I just feel like this year I want to celebrate it more than I usually do and if by some miracle I get my transplant in December I will have these to keep my spirits up and something to look forward to each day whilst I'm in there. I do realise this is a long shot but I like to be prepared just in case ;-). 

First we have my Lego Friends advent calendar which I only got because me and my mum were looking for one for my nephew and I saw that they had a girl version and I thought "Hey, why not?" Once Christmas is over I'm sure my nephews will have fun playing with it. Secondly we have my Benefit advent Calendar which I am so happy to have gotten I really wanted a cosmetic calendar this year I looked at loads. Some were ridiculously priced but they were luxury calendars so it's understandable and then others just weren't things I would probably use that much. Benefit however is a brand that I love and I love most of their products I just don't have the budget to be able to buy it all but I did have the spare money to buy the calendar so I can get a little benefit treat everyday of Christmas yay! Thirdly we have my Merryteaser advent calendar which is a the teaser version of Maltesers which I'm really looking forward I love a good Malteser and I'm trying not to eat as much chocolate so this will just be a nice treat each day. Finally we have my picture calendar for the year, this is simply tradition :-D 
Links are below:- 
1. Lego Friends advent calendar || £14.99
2. Benefit advent calendar || £60.00 (no link as it is out of stock)
3. Merryteaser advent calendar ||  2 for £3 
4. Picture calendar || £3.99 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and Merry Christmas


  1. Happy blogmas! I don't have a advent calendar this year. Doom.

    I just read your about section - I have no idea how you coped with all those false alarms, it must have been devastated. Hope your transplant comes through soon.

    Corinne x

  2. HI Corina! Happy blogmas to you too!

    I'm not sure how I did either lol, My last one I Just kept saying "I can't do this again" after they said it wasn't happening probably a bit over dramatic at the time LOL.

    Thank-you!!! xoxo

  3. Woo, it's Blogmas already!! I have the Malteasers one so you'll enjoy! I have my fingers crossed, rubbed my lucky rabbit's foot, hung up my horse shoe and holding onto my four-leaf clover for you to get your transplant! Miracles will happen! xx

    Dee | www.promptsbydee.co.uk


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