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If you are anything like me then by now you are in full on Christmas mode! Now at this point I pretty much think you may as well go with it, there is no point in fighting it anymore so if you haven't yet whacked out the Christmas movies here are my Top 8 Christmas movies that I watch every Christmas/December without fail. 

The Santa Clause || The Santa Clause is a classic and has 2 sequels that I will also watch but the first has always been my favourite of the franchise. I love Tim Allen as an actor and he featured in quite a lot of my favourite childhood movies/programmes. He plays a man who happens upon the "real" Santa Claus one Christmas Eve who comes to his untimely end. Little does he know that he then has to take his place. I'm sure most of you have seen this movie but honestly if you haven't you need to it has that 1990's nostalgia about it that I miss in movies. 

Miracle on 34th Street || I think every child ever as seen Miracle on 34th Street. I personally love both 1947 and 1994 version I think kids nowadays will probably prefer the 94 version but thats simply because it's in colour. This is a movie for people who want to believe in Santa and restoring that belief to one little girl who got told the "secret" about Santa a long time ago by her mother. It is such a feel good movie and one that makes me feel so christmasy inside. 

The Grinch || The Grinch, this came out when I was 10 years old and omg I fell in love with this movie as soon as I saw it. Me and Meg actually went to see it for our 10th Birthday and we loved it. If you haven't seen this or don't like it then you are the Grinch I'm afraid! I think every child should have the experience of watching the Grinch! 

Love Actually || You know when I first watched this I didn't actually like it, maybe it's because I was 12/13 so couldn't fully appreciate it but then a few years later I rediscovered it and it has now become a part of my Christmas tradition. It's a lovey dovey romantic comedy that just makes you believe in love at christmas and it is just adorable! 

the Holiday || The Holiday isn't what I would call a classic Christmas movie but heyho. It is about two women who just want to get away from their own lives and do a house swap with each other and while they are in each others respective countries they fall in love with local men. It's a really nice movie that I just happen to watch every Christmas. 

Jingle All the way || If you are from my generation then Arnold Schwarzengger seemed to be in pretty much any movie you ever watched. Jingle All the way is like the Santa Clause to me it is classic 90's and demonstrates the kind of toy phenomenon that my generation seemed to experience as children that I don;t see so much nowadays. A little boy wants a toy that his dad (Arnie Schwarz) has to go and get but it is the "Must have" toy that Christmas and so high jinx ensue. It's just a really fun movie to watch.

A Flintstones Christmas Carol || This movie is a part of my childhood. I grew up with The Flintstones and this just demonstrates to me when cartoons were still cartoons and not completely computerised and weird looking. Christmas Carol is always a favourite of mine in whatever form really and it just makes me feel christmasy thinking about it and the Flintstones just makes it that much better :-D 

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas || I couldn't possible have a movie post without including in some way. Anything Disney and Christmas related is always going to be a winner with me!   

As always, thank-you for reading guys and Merry Christmas 

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  1. You have picked some great movies. My favourites are Elf, Home Alone and Love Actually.



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