BLOGMAS DAY 11 || ♥Fifteen Festive Favourite Questions♥

♥Fifteen Festive Favourite Questions♥

1. Favourite Festive food

Roast Potatoes, hands Down! Close second Sausages wrapped in Bacon or Cheese wrapped in Bacon

2. Favourite Reindeer

Rudolph obviously ;-) 

3. Favourite day from 12 days of christmas

"FIVE GOLD RINGS" You know when you're a kid it was literally the only part I would join in on and the partridge in a pear tree too but what I loved about the five gold rings was that you could say it as loud as you liked :) 

4. Favourite Christmas Song 

Silent Night, probably the Michael Bublé version or sung by a choir of some kind. 

5. Favourite Christmas Present 

I can't think of a particular thing but you know the little things that you would never ever think to buy for yourself and you never actually ask for but when you get them you are like "omg" those ones LOL. 

6. Favourite Christmas Film 

Well you will be seeing my top 8 on Blogmas day 10 but I think my Number 1 has to be "The Grinch" 

7. Favourite Cracker Toy

We always have racing toys in our crackers and they are my favourite :)

8. Favourite Cracker Joke 

Do people actually remember those? 

9. Favourite Christmas Decoration 

I love a good twinkly light if I'm honest if you just decorated the house with them I would feel the Christmas from them. We do have a story telling santa that I love as well. 

10 .Favourite Candle Scent 

Black cherry is my favourite not very christmasy I know but I tend not to burn candles to often as they give me headaches. 

11. Favourite Christmas TV Advert

Coca Cola ALWAYS!! However Sainsbury's have brought out a new one this year that I just love and if you haven't seen it you need to....

12. Favourite Christmas Tradition
Waking up stupidly early to open presents and no matter how long I try to stay asleep for I still end up being awake from about 4am and as much as my parents hate the tradition they follow along :)  

13. Favourite Place to Spend Christmas 
Home always home. If I'm somewhere else it just doesn't feel right. 

14. Favourite Christmas Fact
That Santa's clothes used to be green before Coca Cola came in and changed them. 

15. Favourite Snowman Accessory 

Probably a good old carrot

Thank-you guys for all the love as as always Merry Christmas

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