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Now as you are reading this I should be in Papworth for my 3 monthly clinic and I will talk to you about that tomorrow but today we are going to be talking about me and my families Christmas Traditions.  This year it's going to be a little different because it's just going to be me and my mum on Christmas Day, my dad is working and Megan & James are doing other things so this year me and my mum aren't actually having Christmas Dinner/Lunch or anything because there is no point in cooking for just two, but I'll talk about things we normally do. 
  1.  We always meet up with my mum's side of the family in the first week of December for a family Christmas meal which you will have read about on Blogmas day 8. 
  2. Me and Megan always open our Birthday presents on the sofa together, without fail!
  3. On Christmas Eve we (Me, Mum, Dad, Candy, Warren, Megan, James  Jaydon & Spencer) always meet up at my house and we have a family evening where my mum will cook something or like last year we ordered a lot of pizza and we have lots of desserts, for me one of my ice-cream creations, everyone else has trifle or pavlova ect. And if we aren't full enough by then we have a cheese feast too. 
  4. Christmas Eve night we get new Pj's, new slippers and sometimes, depending on whether our old ones needs replacing, a new dressing gown which this year I get I'm so excited! 
  5. All duvet sets are washed and changed because Santa doesn't give presents to people with dirty bed covers. (fyi we do, do this regularly it's just tradition to make sure we have a clean bed on Christmas eve)  
  6. Christmas Morning starts absolute latest 7am! 
  7. Presents are opened as soon as everyone is settled and ready to open them so in my case 7:05 :D
  8. Lunch is always around 1pm ish. 
  9. After getting our fill we have crackers which normally have racing animals, or one year sprouts, in. and we race them and usually nobody wins LOL. 
  10. We have table presents which we open after lunch which usually have jewellery, perfume, scratch cards or lottery tickets in. They are honestly one of my favourite presents to get. 
  11. A recent tradition has become watching Doctor Who and Downtown Abbey on Christmas evening. 
Thats it guys I'm sure I've missed out several different things that we do but right now I can only think of these 11. Let me know any of your Christmas traditions? Is there anything weird and wonderful you and your family do? 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and chat soon 

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