BLOGMAS DAY 14 || Christmas at Hogwarts...

It is BLOGMAS DAY 14!!!! Can you believe it?! Well as you are reading this it is my Birthday and I'm officially 24. That's a bit insane in itself! However I will tell you more about my Birthday tomorrow today's post however is about my trip yesterday to Hogwarts... Okay not Hogwarts but Harry potter Studio's which is near enough the same thing. 

I was super excited to go again because I have never seen it at Christmas time when they make everything all Christmasy and beautiful so I was determined to go. I went with my Dad and best friends Gina and Rosie. Bernice and Megan were both meant to come too but Bernice came down with a bug on Thursday night and was really poorly and Meg also isn't well so they had to miss out and I feel so bad for them. It was meant to be one of Meg's Birthday presents from my Mum and Dad and it was meant to be my Christmas present to Bernice but it's okay, substitutes have been brought in their places so they won't go without. 

Anyway onto the actual trip. I felt so Christmasy yesterday I can't even tell you. It was a super chilly day but the sky was bright Blue and that is some of my favourite type of weather and for some reason reminds me of Christmas. My lovely Dad drove so me and Gina got to chill out in the back of the car and Rosie met us there as she was coming from Chelmsford. When we got there we were greeted by the most amazing snow covered tree, if that doesn't scream Christmas I don't know what will it was awesome. 

We spent about 3 hours going around the whole thing. I loved seeing the Great Hall decked out in all it's Christmasy glory and my favourite part of the entire tour was made that more amazing by being covered in snow, the Hogwarts model. It looks SO magical and amazing I could literally stay and stare at that thing all day long just to take in every minute detail. 

I didn't take as many photos as I normally would yesterday because you've all probably seen enough of HP studios from me but here are a few for you. Enjoy guys :) 

Thank-you guys for all the love as as always Merry Christmas

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