BLOGMAS DAY 2 || Getting into the Christmas Spirit...

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So it is BLOGMAS DAY TWO. I hope you are all really in the Christmas spirit, well as much as I am by now and today I am going to be sharing a few things I have brought for the festive season to keep me cosy and warm and just that bit more excited. 

I ashamed to admit it but this year is the first year that I have ever actually owned a Christmas jumper this is both shocking and humiliating to say as I am the biggest Christmas fanatic you will ever find but nonetheless it is true. I do feel like it is only in the past few years that we here in the UK seem to have started the whole Christmas jumper thing for me it has always been an American thing. Am I the only one who thinks this? Or maybe it is just because I am getting older and just starting to fully appreciate a good Christmas jumper although I cannot recall from my teenage/child memory ever seeing Christmas jumpers that much. 

So this year I have brought two jumpers as you can see in the picture above the first being quite subtle being a pretty pinky peach colour with cute reindeers and polka dots on and the other being slightly more ostentatious and having a massive Olaf (from Frozen) on, I honestly couldn't resist. I then brought a Father Christmas Jacket T-shirt because knowing me there will be a point where I am too warm but still want to be christmasy without boiling myself to death and I have a feeling that will be at Meg and James' christmas party which actually has a Christmas Jumper theme. Finally I brought a normal white vest to go with the awesome Pyjama bottoms I brought which are a fleece material and have lots of really cute Christmas puddings on. These I brought because I have some fleecy Christmas pyjama bottoms that I have had for years that I have been meaning to replace for so long but I was just really attached to them but I bit the bullet and have finally replaced them. 
All links are below:
1. Pink Stag Christmas Jumper || £22.99  
2. Red Santa Christmas costume t-shirt || £7.99
3. White Scoop Neck Vest || £3.99
4. White Fleece Christmas Pudd Pj bottoms || £6.99
5. Frozen Christmas Jumper || £19.95

As always, thank-you for reading guys and Merry Christmas 


  1. I really want to go to Primark and buy loads of their Christmas PJ bottoms!


    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. I've seen some Primark stuff and I have to say they seem to have so much good stuff this year :D xoxo


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