BLOGMAS DAY 21 || Visiting Santa...

My older sister, her partner and I all took my little nephews to Lacock which is near where we live to see Santa. This was something I have really been looking forward to going ever since they were born because when they're babies they can't really appreciate it can they? Jaydon it over 4 now and Spencer still doesn't quite get it as he's only turns 2 on the 31st but it was still cute and we all got a kick out of it. Santa is literally the only thing that will make Jaydon behave if he's in one of "those" moods he was so excited for it though bless his little heart. Where we went they had this little village of working elves all the way up to his grotto which was cute and then they let a bunch of people in at a time and the parents and kids all sit on cushions surrounding Santa and he read them a story and talked to them and asked them questions it was really cute and much better than the just go in and sit on Santa's lap and tell him what you want. Also Jaydon had been saying the whole way there "But I've already told Santa what I want." 

I personally think they had a really convincing Santa, Jaydon was happy to have a picture but Spencer wasn't having any of it lol. We then go to go into their "Warehouse" where the boys got to choose a toy each and got given a little Christmas tree. We then got to see real life donkeys and reindeers. There were also goats but they didn't want to come out and play. Overall I think they did such a good job and I'm sure we will be going back there next year. 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and Merry Christmas

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