BLOGMAS DAY 5 || A Pre-Transplant Christmas...

Today is all about what a pre-transplant Christmas is like so I asked a few of my transplant buddies to write a paragraph or two on what getting their transplant would mean to them this Christmas and they kindly agreed. There is a few perspectives in there for you and I will also be joining in too. I think reading them will make you understand why I called my blog "Life is Worth The Fight" and why I continue to write it. So here we go:
Hi I am Sandra Reynolds, I am waiting for a Double Lung transplant. I have been on the list for a  one year and three months. It took me 3 years to get on the transplant list due to other issues but I'm finally on it :-). 

What it will mean to me to get my transplant? It means everything to me! Firstly I wouldn't have to rely on oxygen anymore and carry an oxygen take everywhere I go. Secondly it will give me back my independence and confidence. But most of all I would like to be the old me, the person I was before I became unwell and had to rely on oxygen, family and few friends.

Hi, I'm Sara, I'm 21 years old and I've been on the Heart and Double Lung transplant list for around 6 months. I have congenital heart disease, which caused my pulmonary hypertension the same as Stacie. I had a very sick early life and then managed an almost normal life until I was 18 when I had a sudden worsening of my PH and then I just seemed to get worse until I was eventually put on the transplant list. And here we are now.

I know it sounds mad but actually I'd rather my transplant didn't happen in the lead up or at Christmas time. I love Christmas, it's my favourite time of year and missing it would be really sad. I know that seems like a crazy thing to say when I'm literally dying for a transplant but if I had the choice I would prefer it to be after Christmas. But obviously if the call comes I'm not going to say no! I'd really like one last Christmas with my heart and lungs because last Christmas I had no way of knowing that this was where I was going to be in a year's time. I want to have a very special Christmas Day that I'll always remember. I'm also acutely aware that for me to have a transplant for Christmas that means someone will have to die at Christmas and seeing as I'm very small, I'm probably going to be receiving organs from a child or young person and I'm definitely not wishing for any tragic accidents to happen at Christmas.

I've only been waiting 6 months and the average is 2 years, I also have a common blood type, which means I'm in a group of a lot of other people all waiting for organs, so I'm not expecting it to happen at Christmas. I feel like it's not my time yet. It would be great if it did but I'm sort of wishing it could wait until at least the day after boxing day! Actually if we're wishing for things, I'm wishing I get spontaneously healthy and not need a transplant at all. Well, I can hope!

My name is Hannah Cochrane and I have been waiting for a heart transplant for a year and a half since July 2013. 

My only wish this Christmas is to get my transplant. It would mean I could get my life back, I could finally become an 'adult' (although not sure sure I ever want to grow up truthfully). By by adult I mean, I could make my own decisions and live my life as I want too, as opposed to following the strict rules of 'ill health life'.

For me, Christmas is a time for family and friends and is the celebration of life. Without organ donation, myself and others may not get the chance to see anymore Christmas', fulfil anymore dreams and most of all, just enjoy living.


As you know I am Stacie Pridden, I am waiting for a Heart and Double Lung transplant and have been waiting for 2 years and 7 and a half months. It took me a year to get on the list so it feels like longer lol.

If you have been reading "Life is Worth the Fight" for any length of time you will probably know what getting my transplant means to me. You will know that in the early days of being on the list I wasn't particularly thrilled about the idea of getting my transplant at Christmas time because that would probably mean spending my Birthday and Christmas in hospital and who really wants that? However I am now saying that is exactly what I want. It would be the best Birthday or Christmas present I could ever have asked for.

This far in, this long waiting you really start to worry that this may be your last Christmas or last Birthday and the Festive season is tinged with that slight fear and I want to know that I will get more Christmases and Birthdays. It will make December just that more amazing to me. I could finally get rid of being attached to a machine 24/7 be that my oxygen or my Epoprostenal pump, give me freedom like I've never really had and just be able to really live!

As always, thank-you for reading guys and Merry Christmas 


  1. Oh wow, tears are filling my eyes right now. Your courage is unbelievable.

  2. You're a true inspiration.

  3. <3 I like to think of all my friends as inspirations :) xoxo

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