BLOGMAS DAY 7 || Christmas decoration time...


Today is Christmas Decorations day! Now I'm going to be honest with you guys I'm not the biggest fan of the decorating thing. I know please don't hate me... I love them once they are up and I love the festive feeling they bring into the house but just the actual process of putting up decorations bores me to no end.  I think it's the tree thing when I was younger me and Megan got stuck with the god awful job of unfolding the tree branches and we would get very lazy and mum and Candice may as well have done it in the first place. I do love seeing the baubles and the fairy lights though I really appreciate a good fairy light. 

I have to say a dream of mine if I were completely loaded and rich would be to have a house with a massive entry way with stair cases on either side heading upstairs and in the middle of that in the foyer we would have a massive 12-15ft tree. I would obviously have to hire people to help decorate it and what not but that wouldn't matter because I would be rich LOL. There's a little insight into my mind for you :-D  

So here we go, other than my fantasy ideas of Christmas I thought I would show you some of the decorations that we have going on in my house this year :) 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and Merry Christmas


  1. I love your tree, my mum always does hers in just two colours and everything has to be the same. Boring!


  2. aww thank-you Aymie! We tried to do it colour themed one year but it just didn't really work for us we like havng all colours it makes it seem more christmasy to me :D


  3. I can certainly agree! When I was younger I was always jealous of my best friends tree because she always had the most beautiful brightly coloured decorations. Adding a colour scheme ruins the spirit of it all.

  4. I totally agree in my opinion Christmas is about all different colours :D xoxo


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