BLOGMAS DAY 8 || Family Christmas meal...


Hello my lovelies. We are on Day 8 :-O woah! So every year me and my family always meet up with my mum's twin sister and her kids (aka my auntie, uncle and cousins) and my mum's mum who is Called Bar, as in Barbara but we have never called her gran or nan or any of that just Bar and her partner as well.  

We do the family meal where we just catch up on stuff  and general life things and then do a big old present swap at the end. The reason we do it this way is because firstly it's always good to catch up with family, you know in person, and it would be pretty hard to send the presents. There's mine and meggys birthday stuff plus christmas stuff, then mum and Brie's (mums sister) birthday stuff and then every body else's christmas stuff as well. This is a firmly established tradition in my family and it makes me truly excited for Christmas! :-) Santa is definitely on the way!

As always, thank-you for reading guys and Merry Christmas

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